Tutelar Technologies: Broadening the Scope of Manufacturing Intelligence

Edward Dickson, President
In recent times, machines and devices on the plant floor are becoming significantly more intelligent and capable of communicating across a standard Ethernet connection. This creates an opportunity for manufacturers to leverage those devices into a completely integrated environment that provides real-time manufacturing knowledge and control. As a result, they are able to control the required output— significantly improving productivity and reducing waste. In theory, this promises great advances! However, the reality is that creating and adopting such robust solutions alongside standards like “lean” and “Industry 4.0” for manufacturing has been slow and is still many years away from adding significant value.

Shortage of technical resources aside, there is a need for plant floor data and control and seamless device connectivity. What manufacturers need today is easy to use, device-agnostic, intelligent software that can make decisions in real-time. It must be able to contain the knowledge of how to produce each part and then control the machines and operators to make sure parts are built to their unique specifications. But, does such software exist?

To that, Edward Dickson, President and CEO of Tutelar Technologies, says, resoundingly, “Yes, there is!”

Nearly three decades ago, even before current buzzwords like IIoT and AI were coined, Dickson had a vision for an advanced manufacturing environment. He realized the need for an intelligent, connected plant and began work on the Ujigami software.

At its core, the Ujigami suite of software products creates a comprehensive dockto-dock Next Generation manufacturing environment. Ujigami provides nextgeneration capabilities - those promised by IIOT, Industry 4.0, AI, and more - without the need for extensive programming and customization.

The software solution includes the Ujigami Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS), Ujigami Warehouse Management System (WMS), and the Ujiboard World Class Manufacturing (WCM.) As such, it emerges as the real-time control system that can direct, detect, correct and control all processes during the manufacturing of individual parts instantaneously, as they are being manufactured.

The Ujigami PDMS acts like a GPS, guiding parts through the appropriate machines and operators and making accurate and proactive decisions for every part being produced. First, it calculates the best route for manufacturing each individual part. Then each part is tracked through the manufacturing process to ensure quality output, continually making decisions based on real-time feedback. However, the PDMS does so much more than a traditional GPS.

“Since the system not only monitors each machine but also controls it, the PDMS can ensure that every machine is set up correctly and produce results that meet specification. Imagine the power of a GPS that ensures the driver makes no wrong turns, follows all traffic rules, and arrives at their destination on time. We are seeing this capability developing in self-driving cars. Our Product Directed Manufacturing System brings this capability to parts being produced in our factories,” says Dickson.

Unlike traditional shop-floor systems that limit themselves to simple reporting functions, Ujigami ensures accurate process execution and safeguards machines and operators from making incorrect decisions during production.

Ujigami is the only plant-floor system that also controls the repair, rework, teardown processes

Manufacturing rules and intelligence are contained within the Ujigami PDMS software. Direct real-time connection with devices, machines, and people ensures proper setup and configuration of all machines allowing the production system to function as expected. While most systems offer tools to report common cause variation, Ujigami’s unique Product Directed Manufacturing active control approach manages and eliminates special cause variation resulting in zero-defect manufacturing.

Ujigami’s native browser interface makes the software intuitive and ensures that both technical and non-technical staff can seamlessly operate it. In addition, when an employee uses Ujigami, they are not only doing their job but also creating intelligence in Ujigami to be used for improved performance. Visual work instructions display information to the operator and interactively ensure every device and machine is set up correctly and process results meet specifications. Parts that do not meet specifications are positively contained – immediately at the point of non-conformance. “Ujigami is the only plant-floor system that also controls the repair, rework, and teardown processes. For companies using Ujigami, quality escapes become a historical event” says Dickson.

Tightly integrated with Ujigami PDMS and all popular ERP/ MRP systems, Ujigami WMS enables finite inventory accuracy and minimum inventory levels. Ujigami WMS is the only real-time warehouse management system that is capable of interfacing with all material handling systems, making deployment straightforward on existing hardware.

The Ujigami suite is capable of solving all plant floor problems, dock to dock and is rounded out by Ujiboard WCM that contains all the tools for a company to go completely paperless and drive the highest performance in Overall Equipment Effectiveness. These functionalities deliver a highly connected, intelligent manufacturing environment where daily work is translated into a comprehensive, integrated, and robust manufacturing system. To further support customers, Tutelar Technologies provides a team of skilled technicians that act as an extension to the client’s team. With expertise in real-world manufacturing and software implementation, the team helps clients quickly solve production challenges.

Today, many Fortune 500 customers take advantage of Ujigam’s flexible architecture, robust performance, and ease of use to standardize their manufacturing operations globally. “Tutelar will continue to propagate our vision and take Ujigami into new production environments to transform the manufacturing arena. With smart machines making their way into the market, we at Tutelar will combine and leverage their intelligence. These advancements continue to provide an opportunity for our customers to deliver quality-assured products at the lowest cost,” concludes Dickson.

Tutelar Technologies

Bowmanville, Canada

Edward Dickson, President

With its unique shop floor solutions, the company helps manufacturing companies remodel shop floor operations, improve workflow efficiencies, and streamline product lifecycles, so they stay viable in a competitive business environment Online Tutelar Technologies has been providing leading plant floor solutions for over 30 years. The firm provides a Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS), an advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) that manages all aspects of your manufacturing and warehousing facilities

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