Tutelar Technologies Inc.: Manufacturing Digital Transformation without Fear

Edward Dickson, President & CEO
Edward Dickson, president of global manufacturing solutions provider Tutelar Technologies Inc., believes that fear is one of the main barriers that hinders organizations from incorporating new technologies into their business. “The tech-verse today is replete with digital innovations like Industrial Internet of things (IIoT), Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence (AI). And C-suite executives are often worried about its possible boomerang effects in their own companies,” he says. Choosing the wrong solution may have dire consequences for a manufacturer. For instance, when telecommunications giant, Motorola, first came up with Six Sigma—a set of techniques and tools for process improvement—in the 1980’s, other companies were dubious of implementing the methodologies in their own workflows. Today however, Six Sigma principles are considered the gold standard for optimizing manufacturing processes. That being said, Six Sigma methodologies require a significant people investment to learn new tools and techniques. This is where Canada-based Tutelar Technologies imprints its significance in the manufacturing realm. Driven by the urgency for manufacturing companies to revolutionize their manufacturing, Tutelar Technologies is bringing easy to use and implement software solutions that leverage technical mistake-proofing methodologies without the need for additional highly skilled employees.

In light of this, the company offers a suite of software under the name: Ujigami, which is derived from a Japanese word, meaning ‘guardian god’ or ‘spirit.’ Much like the duties of a divine overseer, Ujigami Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS) and Ujigami Warehouse Management System (WMS) solutions help organizations methodically coordinate and control all processes conducted on the plant floor. The software solutions ensure that manufacturers maximize productivity while minimizing waste and downtime, and producing the highest quality products. Moreover, the Ujigami PDMS and WMS systems execute predetermined business rules of the manufacturing company to make decisions automatically.
“By doing so, Ujigami tackles a major problem in the industry: inability to automatically identify and leverage existing machine data in industrial equipment and devices to increase the rate and quality of sustained production,” adds Dickson.

Tutelar Technologies’ innovative Ujigami PDMS software delivers next generation manufacturing to their customers. Using this solution, manufacturers gain the capability to identify issues before they become a problem, and implement active controls to their workflows to prevent future issues. “Ujigami incorporates the ability to natively connect and communicate with, and control, every machine and device on the plant floor,” explains Dickson. This level of interoperability is highly desired in the manufacturing sector where many organizations still utilize existing legacy machinery and equipment.

Ujigami bridges existing machinery with modern-day software to provide a fluid workflow in the fast-paced manufacturing industry. To further elucidate on Ujigami’s capabilities, Dickson recalls the case study of a Tier 1 automotive client headquartered in the APAC region. The manufacturing company was in need of a solution that could be integrated quickly with their existing systems, and help them build many different variations of a product in small lot sizes—the objective being a lot size of one. The client was making use of PLC programs, the upkeep proving to be extremely inefficient. Following Ujigami’s implementation and configuration, the Tier 1 company witnessed impressive improvements of all their manufacturing processes: assembly machines, injection presses, test equipment, scanners, torque controllers, heat staking, and vision cameras. “Every resource on the assembly line was fully configured and operational within a month, and the client’s production rates increased significantly” boasts Dickson.

With such success stories aiding Tutelar Technologies’ growth, the company intends to continue developing more software solutions and services to help the industry smoothly transition into a modern, digitally-driven working milieu. Delivering the promise of Industry 4.0, Dickson says, “Leveraging Ujigami, organizations do not have to worry about adopting new technology into their business operations, workflows, and supply chain.”

Tutelar Technologies Inc


Edward Dickson, President & CEO

TUTELAR TECHNOLOGIES Inc. provides a Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS), an advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) & Warehouse Management System (WMS) that manages all aspects of your manufacturing and warehousing facilities. The company offers several services through the implementation of each project. With its proven, structured approach, Tutelar ensures that the client's true requirements are identified and delivered. The company promotes effective communications within the entire project team, timely completion of required goals, minimal or no quality problems, and minimize risks related to implementing the solution