Tuvis: Connecting Whatsapp and iMessage With Enterprise CRMs to Boost Sales Teams’ Productivity

Deborah Palacios Wanzo, CO-Founder and President & Yanir Calisar, CEO & CO-Founder Instant Messaging (IM) is a fundamental component of modern-day communication. According to reports, more than 41 million messages are sent every minute through IM platforms, such as WhatsApp and iMessage. They have revolutionized communication between individuals and between businesses and their customers. Organizations can now effortlessly meet their clients wherever they are, thereby increasing sales, customer engagement, and retention.

Despite these benefits, messaging platforms are still largely viewed as a medium for informal communications. Reinforcing that view is the fact that powerful enterprise-grade tools such as CRMs are almost never a part of conversations happening there. However, that prevailing view often meets a reality in which salespeople have conversations with multiple customers through IM, connecting with them directly through their personal phones to discuss the product, price negotiations, and benefits. All of that business-critical information is lost, and opportunities ranging from marketing and sales to customer service never materialize as a result.

However, Tuvis tackles this challenge head-on. The company's robust platform bridges the gap between CRM systems and IM channels to create a new paradigm for fast and effective sales tracking and optimization. Across IM platforms, including WhatsApp, iMessage, WeChat, or Microsoft Teams Calls, the Tuvis platform can reroute the conversations and data from interpersonal communication channels and relay them to CRMs, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. This gathering of actionable insights is vital in boosting the productivity of salespeople, customer service reps, and even marketing teams.

"Companies today understand more than ever that they must engage customers over the channels of their choice. In many cases, these channels are unofficial, and therefore, not integrated with the company's system of records," says Yanir Calisar, CEO & Co-Founder, Tuvis. "We help companies gain visibility into these channels while enabling salespeople be focused on closing deals and personalize every customer interaction."

Creating Greater Visibility for Businesses

Tuvis eliminates the need for sales executives to spend copious amounts of time collecting data (texts, screenshots, images, descriptions) on customers they're engaging with. All critical operations, including creating tasks, logging the activity, or scheduling the meetings, can be automated inside their CRM platform and accessed by the salesperson from their IM solution. This allows sales executives to focus on closing deals instead of spending their valuable time on repetitive tasks. However, any solution needs to offer ease of use in order for salespeople to use it; that's why user-centric approach to business the Tuvis platform was designed to perform all these tasks at the click of a button.
Gone are the days of manually opening multiple tabs to copy-and-paste customer information from IM platforms to CRMs.

Tuvis has received glowing feedback from clients owing to its ease of use and time saving features. Clients can even customize the interface to create a branded environment.

With Tuvis, management team decision makers gain visibility into interactions between customers and salespeople through a fully customizable dashboard. Awareness of what is conveyed to customers via IM channels provides critical information to businesses which can enable them to hone their sales methodologies to become as efficient as possible. In most cases, management teams don't have this kind of visibility, but by automatically syncing all interactions with the CRM, Tuvis provides management with the complete visibility they need to optimize marketing and sales initiatives.

Deborah Palacios Wanzo, Co-Founder and President of Tuvis, adds, “The good communication between customers and brands is a powerful key. When a brand understands its customers, it opens a channel for a closer relationship. It's a whole new world for both sides: customers asking for a closer and personal relationship with companies and companies asking for tools to give their clients this dialog. With Tuvis platform, companies and brands can have more data to talk to their clients and to offer, in a faster and more customized way products and services. We are changing the way that brands communicate to their customers and we are also opening a new level of service”.

“Tuvis enables clients to instantly communicate with consumers—a crucial step toward personalizing engagement and advancing the sales process”

Further, businesses across the finance, healthcare, insurance, and telecom sectors are even bound by law to keep a record of every interaction that they have with customers. Tuvis aids these organizations to effortlessly comply with stringent regulations.

The plug-and-play nature of Tuvis' platform results in a more streamlined onboarding for employees. With Tuvis' automatic chat syncing feature, sales staff can get straight to work, letting the platform answer time-consuming standard queries. Every message automatically shows up inside the CRM, with zero blind spots. The data is stored locally on their servers and not in the cloud, giving clients more control and greater security.

Creating Greater Value during the Trying Times of the Pandemic

Tuvis has become an essential tool for salespeople in today's post-pandemic world, where building resilient customer relationships is cumbersome but also vital.Tuvis equips businesses with the capability to maintain the relationships they have built with customers over the years and update them in real time automatically.
"We are transforming the traditional, email-based asynchronous customer engagement processes. Tuvis enables clients to instantly communicate with customers—a crucial step toward personalizing customer engagement and advancing the sales process," Calisar says.

Clients across a diverse range of industries currently leverage the Tuvis platform in a myriad of ways thanks to its customizability and capacity to support a vast range of use cases. For instance, by using the data collected by the Tuvis platform, one client created an alert notification system that responds to specific terms discussed via chat in order to inform customers about discounts. A number of organizations have leveraged Tuvis' data for marketing purposes, some even running campaigns based on customer conversations with salespeople.

"With many innovative ideas fueling Tuvis' journey, we are now working to use AI to complete sentiment and context analysis, which will help our customers by automatically identifying patterns and trends in their data," Calisar says.

We are helping businesses identify every customer that agents communicate with and connecting this information to the CRM in real-time by integrating individual chats into our database

The incorporation of an AI analytical tool will enable Tuvis to provide real-time recommendations to their clients about how to advance their sales processes. Listening to the customer is what Tuvis is all about, and they take the same approach with their internal operations. With plans to build additional features based on customer feedback, Tuvis will allow for even easier customization, addressing the challenges that businesses face daily.

With a strong history of success in Latin America, Tuvis is poised to expand into the U.S. market with an experienced team of professionals who are well-versed in delivering value to businesses the Tuvis way. From veteran engineers to experienced entrepreneurs, every member of the Tuvis team powers its startup mindset. With staff in over seven countries, Tuvis is composed of diverse individuals who share their different viewpoints, helping to effectively fine-tune Tuvis to the customers' needs.

With customers expecting brands to connect with them through the channels they use to communicate with friends and family, an increasing number of enterprises are exploring the power of IM apps. As the business' transition to IM platforms continues, Tuvis will become an integral part of retailers' technology arsenal, enabling them to leverage customer data without altering their core IT infrastructure.


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Deborah Palacios Wanzo, CO-Founder and President & Yanir Calisar, CEO & CO-Founder

Tuvis is a multicultural team of tech entrepreneurs located in seven countries around the world. With more than 5,000 users and more than 100 customers in 35 countries, our mission is to improve the customer-company relationship through direct communication across messaging channels.