TXM Telecom Solutions: Next-Generation System Integrators for the Telecom Industry

Edwin Solis, President
Modern day telecom service providers and network operators need to manage an expanded, bundled set of services accompanied by intricate technical challenges. These problems primarily revolve around content management, bandwidth management, and service monitoring. “Telecom operators must refine their operations and recognize new ways of generating revenue,” begins Edwin Solis, President, TXM. Well positioned to address these challenges, TXM ́s consultants and architects have in-depth understanding of telecom business processes and associated technologies. “We have expertise in designing, developing, integrating, and maintaining Fault Management, Performance Management, and Big Data Analytics Solutions,” says Solis.

TXM, being an IBM Business Partner, leverages the tech giant’s Service Assurance solution to address a myriad of network, IT, and communication issues that service providers and network operators face. The company effectively utilizes IBM Service Assurance products and helps customers capitalize on their existing infrastructure and become more efficient in network operations. “Our comprehensive set of network solutions and services along with Operational Support Systems and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) are specifically designed to meet telecom’s multifaceted complications,” mentions Solis. “At TXM, we recognize OSS and BSS as assets that can be leveraged and transformed to support and grow an enterprise’s business over time.” The company aids organizations in preparing their systems and data environment for the transformations that will be taking place as they migrate toward IP-based networks.

TXM’s telecom services also focus on inventory management, order management, convergent billing, and revenue assurance. “We have become a trusted supplier of systems integration services for network equipment providers, software suppliers, communications service contractors, enterprises, and government agencies,” adds Solis. Moreover, TXM provides other wide-range of services to enterprises, including requirement management, customization, integration, and testing, while complementing an organization’s professional services team.

Founded in 2002, TXM holds a track record of empowering clients to successfully manage their business operations and is well-equipped to help in areas such as OSS/BSS, telecom networks, and cloud development. In one instance, a telecom service provider was facing numerous glitches related to their network.

We have become a trusted supplier of systems integration services for network equipment providers, software suppliers, communications service contractors, enterprises, and government agencies

“Stern competition and escalating consumer expectations were making client retention difficult for them, leading to costly customer churn,” notes Solis. TXM provided the organization with the highest level of Network and Service Assurance solutions that saved the service provider significant operational costs. Later, TXM used their profound experience in the telecom landscape and implemented additional solutions related to network and service quality management.

“With service-delivery centers in three cities across Mexico and a primary US office in Austin, Texas, we offer attractive business models and time management efficiencies to customers seeking to leverage our ‘near-shore’ advantages,” says Solis. By delivering high-quality services over the years, the company has a grasp of the technological skills required to provide complete application lifecycle management and handle the changing requirements as organizations’ networks evolve. “We also provide 24/7 support to ensure customers’ changing needs and technical impediments are handled as quickly as possible,” says Solis. Being a customer-centric company, TXM’s focus does not end with IBM Network and Service Assurance software solutions, but moves beyond that while also driving innovation and efficiency for telecom organizations.

Driven by innovation and thought leadership, TXM has qualified IBM certified deployment professionals in their service delivery team. “Our amalgamation with the tech giants also encourages us in seeking professional assistance when required,” adds Solis. Forging ahead, TXM plans on extensively leveraging the current portfolio of IBM products. “We are members of the TM Forum and we will also look for other expansion opportunities in the near future to help more service providers and network operators worldwide,” concludes Solis.

TXM Telecom Solutions

Austin, TX

Edwin Solis, President

TXM is a technology and services company focused on delivering solutions centered on telecommunication technologies