Tyfone: Securing Endpoint Transactions

Dr. Siva G. Narendra, CEO
Today, advanced BYOD strategies are accelerating the consolidation of transaction, enterprise data, and other information in the cloud. However, the centralization of information in a mobile environment often compounds the complexity of managing transactional data and makes it vulnerable by opening up several ports to the network. With the rapidly growing threats due to periodical increase in computing power, users demand solutions in the form of hardware-based ID and transaction security. Acknowledging the importance of data security in transactions, Tyfone, a digital security firm, delivers data security solutions coupled with necessary hardware for ensuring endpoint safety. “Our solutions are an outcome of the threats surrounding the Moore’s law— with the biannual increase in processing power for computers resulting in cheaper computing hardware, cyber crimes committed by hackers are made easy,” begins Dr. Siva G. Narendra, CEO, Tyfone.

The firm delivers Secure Transaction platform for enhancing strong authentication of users and securing sensitive information in the cloud by decentralizing key storage. It includes Connected Smart Card (CSC) which enables identity storage and management locally on end-user devices for the most secure access to any server and to data stored centrally in the cloud. CSC mitigates existing cyber security vulnerabilities through a unique combination of hardware products, software solutions, and hosted services that enable financial, government, healthcare and other enterprises to ensure that passwords, biometrics, credit cards and other user IDs are never compromised. At the heart of Tyfone’s CSC is the Secure Element. Built on globally adopted standards, it offers the highest level of tamper resistance, secure storage, and hardware encryption.

Tyfone CSC’s hardware, SIDE is provided in different form factors including memory card, USB plug, key, and CR80 card to meet the diversity of preferences. “SideTap MicroSD card contains an onboard routing controller that manages over-the-air (OTA) capabilities allowing consumers to add multiple payment and identification options into the Secure Element,” says Narendra. It eliminates the vulnerability by migrating from a ‘request-response’ to a ‘request-challenge-response’ paradigm.

Tyfone’s digital wallet, SideTap can simply be moved from one phone to another without any restrictions or complicated process

This strategy prevents access based on the validation of centrally stored passwords and stores the sensitive information in the smart card instead of enterprise server. “Just as you transfer your wallet from one pair of pants to another, Tyfone’s digital wallet, SideTap, can simply be moved from one phone to another, without any restrictions or complicated process,” says Narendra. On top of the hardware, Tyfone offers U4ia software, a universal translator converting data from various systems into the format familiar to its mobile applications. The offering also comprises of remote deployment and management support in addition to an extensive suite of back end and configuration tools.

Tyfone’s CSC operates much like the traditional plastic smartcard systems already in widespread use, but has a much smaller footprint and the unique ability to operate with any mobile device, tablet or PC. It ensures that employees, consumers, and other end-users can securely access authorized servers for their email, pay online and even enter buildings without any of the vulnerabilities that come with today’s centralized storing of passwords or biometric IDs.

To stay ahead of the curve, Tyfone plans to understand the future prospects of cyber security and simultaneously incorporates the necessary measures in their technology. Recently, Narendra presented innovative security solutions which can be used to address security threats and vulnerabilities in silicon design, manufacturing, and supply chain. “Tyfone will be introducing a concept called Independent Secure Element Manager (ISEM) that takes advantage of routing concept inside containers such as a memory card,” concludes Narendra.


Portland, OR

Dr. Siva G. Narendra, CEO

Tyfone provides secure transactions and identity solutions to mitigate cloud and cyber security risks