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Jeff Callan, CEO & Founder
“Better products lead to better companies,” says Jeff Callan. The CEO and Founder of Tyghtwyre, Callan has taken multiple products from the back of envelopes to over ten million customers in his career. He adds that a company’s product is the most important investment it can make and it is imperative for businesses to understand both their customers and, in turn, their product. With a clear vision, proper planning, and world-class execution, Callan helps his customers build world-class products and bring them to scale.

Whenever revenue and profits go downhill, it usually links back to a lack of captivating features in a company’s product, which fails to set the momentum for the sales cycle. However, Tyghtwyre understands that there are more ideas than resources available to business owners. For this reason, the firm helps its clients prioritize the development based on internally accessible datasets and available market information. This prioritization can ensure that feedback loops between the product, sales, and customer care teams are in place while making space for future features and fixes based on market impact.

Tyghtwyre’s engagement with an organization starts after an initial consultation where the two parties review the best practices that can be implemented for better sales outcomes. “After identifying the existing company and customer behavior, we let the client choose our role—either a coach or a player,” says Callan. In the presence of an existing product management team, Callan’s team turns coach to provide objective levels of accountability to the rest of the organization. This is made possible through Tyghtwyre’s Project Huddle methodology, which organizes recurring sessions with the team to drive the adoption of best practices, troubleshoot key product issues, and connect product strategy with the rest of the business. Alternatively, when an enterprise finds itself short on resources, Tyghtwyre fills the gaps by creating product strategy, product plans, roadmaps, and data dashboards.

After identifying the existing company and customer behavior, we let the customer choose our role—as a coach or a player

Callan believes that Tyghtwyre sets itself apart from other players in the industry, owing to their practice of taking a broad view of the client’s business—including technology, marketing, business development, and product management standpoints. This ability of Tyghtwyre proved beneficial to several clients, one of which is a retail organization that was on a location hunt for building a new store in a major city. The retailer had around 50TB of data that needed to be classified demographically, based on which, they wanted to shortlist the location. Tyghtwyre helped turn the data into valuable insights and streamlined the search by leveraging anonymized location, behavioral, and demographic data. After engaging with a third-party for the data to find the location with the highest density of prospective customers, the retailer built a new store that yielded a significant surge in sales.

Having worked with companies from startups to Fortune 100 across a broad range of technologies, Team Tyghtwyre continues to identify growth opportunities and raise the stakes on the road ahead. Callan believes that many firms manipulate large amounts of internal data while failing to uncover the story behind the data to deliver valuable insights. In the pursuit to turn that around, Tyghtwyre will soon be seen building custom data dashboards to help users translate data into insights. In addition, there will be a greater focus on building skills in the data science area to address relevant problems better. According to Callan, at the end of the day, all the effort goes toward the bigger picture—optimized products lead to better companies, further leading to a better world.


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Jeff Callan, CEO & Founder

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