UberMedia: Delivering Mobile Location Data for Business Intelligence

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Gladys Kong, CEO
Various technologies have enhanced data collection procedures to drive intelligent business decisions. One of the major sources of actionable data today is mobile devices — the smartphone and wearables ecosystem has afforded us an unprecedented amount of location data that has immense value for a variety of industries. However, organizations still struggle to implement these robust data sets and corresponding analysis infrastructures. Fortunately, UberMedia is addressing these shortcomings. Originally a mobile advertising company, UberMedia sold its ad-targeting business last year as part of its evolution into a leading location intelligence company. UberMedia now uses its trove of mobile location data to provide actionable insights to companies across a host of industries, including tourism, retail and commercial real estate. “We harness and aggregate large sets of data coming from mobile applications soour clients can leverage them for precise geo-tracking information on their customers and accurate measures of foot traffic,” says Gladys Kong, the CEO of UberMedia.

The company offers a one-of-its-kind, mobile-first, demand-side platform that harbors anonymized mobile data insights on consumers, such as the stores they visit, how often they visit them, how far they’ve traveled to shop at a given retail location and whether they’re an iPhone or Android user. UberMedia’s self-service interface displays location data in beautifully rendered, visually compelling, digestible infographics, and can be exported to various GIS formats. UberMedia’s Mobile Intelligence Engine is a powerful system combining mobile location data sources into a single actionable dataset, enabling business with ready-to-use mobile data. The engine makes it easy for businesses to make sense of their data and make informed decisions, such as how to execute a new ad campaign or where to open a new retail location. The combination of machine learning, optimization algorithms, real-time reporting capabilities, accuracy, and scalability make UberMedia’s platform intuitive, and is engineered to impactful meaningful business decisions. It allows companies to meet their customer acquisition needs, without going through the cumbersome ordeal of creating and managing a mobile location platform by themselves.

Most clients approach UberMedia about using location data to acquire potential customers. To this end, an in-house team of data scientists and GIS analysts paves the way for UberMedia to provide best-in-class customized solutions to its clients.

We harness and aggregate massive data sets from mobile applications into our data store such that our clients can readily leverage to gain precise geo-tracking information and ultimately, invaluable consumer and prospect intelligence

UberMedia’s proprietary Vista Measurement feature visualizes foot traffic to specific store locations using precise hand-drawn retail boundaries.

UberMedia also offers its ClearBid product for serving in-app mobile advertising. This feature is the best in-app monetization stack for publishers in the market, and it provides an SDK blended with powerful server-side tools. UberMedia, a pioneer in location intelligence, stands out in the industry by processing site, social and demographic signals, and applying this intelligence to industries other than just advertising. The company has broadened its solution offerings to cater to Fortune 500 companies in retail, automotive, and entertainment.

UberMedia is driven by fervor for technology that betters their understanding of consumer behavior, and produces innovative problem-solving for its clients. Its flexible and intuitive platform helps clients to retrieve custom information instantaneously rather than having to conduct the data mining themselves. A strong learning culture also serves as a driving force for UberMedia, taking the company to new heights. Looking ahead, the company will continue its expansion efforts, widening its reach to new industry verticals such as tourism, financial services, municipality, etc. and continuously utilizing machine learning applications to improveits platform and ultimately, its customer insights. “UberMedia embraces a strong learning culture, a diverse thinking team, and an environment where people work together to solve the problems of its clients in the best possible way. We have definitely grown in our mindset and we are going to build a more powerful and addressable platform, to serve a broader range of use cases,” concludes Gladys.


Pasadena, CA

Gladys Kong, CEO

UberMedia uses a scalable technology and extensive data analytics methodology to evaluate and assess large amounts of acquired data and streamline it according to the needs of the clients. The company has the best-in-house data scientists and GIS analysts to generate valuable insights from the available information, for the clients. The varied suite of solutions helps process different variables of acquired data, pertaining to social, demographic, and location alerts. UberMedia not only focuses on the advertising and marketing verticals but are expanding their innovative yet simplistic proffering to verticals of retail, automotive, entertainment, finance, as well as tourism. Being a pioneer in mobile location intelligence, the company has received several accolades and has been listed as Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies and as one of Advertising Age’s “Best Places to Work,” among other awards