UBIC [NASDAQ:UBIC]: Transforming Litigation Support Using Future Discovery

Andrew Jimenez, CEO
Corporations today, function in a hyper competitive global market that is fraught with unavoidable challenges such as cross-border litigations and investigations. Getting acquainted with the highly complex legal framework across geographies is a major hurdle faced by organizations looking to expand their global footprint. Managed review, e-Discovery and digital forensic services come to the rescue of corporate legal departments and law firms when the delivery of their services exceeds the capacity of their internal systems while dealing with cross-border disputes and other corporate investigations.

Equipped with the technical expertise to complement a law firm’s capabilities, Redwood City, CA-based UBIC [NASDAQ:UBIC] holds expertise in processing electronically stored information (ESI) composed in Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) languages. UBIC’s e-discovery support system, Lit I View E-DISCOVERY provides a single-stop service for identification, collection, and data processing, which is critical to litigation in addition to preparation, submission, and disclosure management of evidence data. Apart from delivering unparalleled services in analytics and multi linguistic search and identification, the platform allows firms to manage complex legal issues and tailors workflow to accommodate multi-national regulations and uncover accurate and relevant data while ensuring cost reduction in the discovery process.

UBIC offers their clients insightful e-Discovery services and technology assisted review tools for predictive coding that ensures that lawyers have a feasible alternative for the error-prone activities involving the manual review of each individual case document. “As businesses and data volumes have progressed at a rapid pace, we are blending technology with the e-Discovery process to drive increased efficiencies and effectiveness to manage the broad scope of legal complexities,” states Andrew Jimenez, CEO, UBIC. The firm is working relentlessly on the next gen Lit i View platform that will add capabilities like interpretation of data and email auditing. “Language plays a vital role in international litigation and our platform identifies key documents with appropriate information that can be used to support a case,” he adds.

In addition, UBIC leverages its disruptive technologies such as the Virtual Data Scientist artificial intelligence engine, to deeply analyze a document collection and extract accurate information that provides a better understanding of culture, privacy, and protocols related to a population set.

Language plays a vital role in international litigation and our platform identifies key documents with appropriate information that can be used to support a case

The firm’s profound experience in accurately translating the unique character encodings in CJK languages differentiates their services from competing e-discovery platforms. UBIC’s Lit I View e-discovery platform has been specifically developed to process the unique multi-byte character encodings found in the CJK languages to help in accurate processing and producing legal documents stored as ESI.

UBIC has established its presence in the international market as a crucial support system for major law firms and corporations. The firm has helped various clients involved in long-drawn cross-border litigations by extensively reviewing old cases to process the data and gather valuable perspectives for better case management. Operating through its global offices in New York, Washington D.C., South Korea, Taiwan and United Kingdom, the company has experts in cross-border litigation at standby to support the client needs involving e-discovery and the processing of documents in the CJK languages. This has ensured that UBIC is well-equipped to assist their clients in collecting, preserving and producing ESI without moving the data outside of their home countries.

In the future, UBIC has plans to leverage its methodologies to transform risks into rewards for their clients by using the same techniques that pinpoint risks to identify business opportunities. The firm uses electronic data to help their clients discover potential exposure in their company activities thus benefitting them in the longer run. “We, as a technology company take our methodology to our consumers and help them ascertain business opportunities for greater progress and productivity,” concludes Jimenez.


Redwood City, CA

Andrew Jimenez, CEO

Provider of Artificial Intelligence and litigation support technologies like e-discovery and digital forensic services