Ubiquity Global Services: A Rich, Integrated Approach to Contact Center

Corey Besaw, VP Solution Design
New York City based Ubiquity Global Services has positioned itself as a provider of innovative customer management solutions, risk management services and interactive voice response (IVR) solutions for global customers.

In an exclusive interview with CIOReview, Corey Besaw, Vice President, Solution Design, talks about how Ubiquity has positioned itself so uniquely in the marketplace.

1. What are the challenges that CIOs face with respect to contact center and how is Ubiquity Global Services addressing those challenges?
We’ve found that companies often struggle to connect with customers in a way that builds enduring value while managing costs. Through expertise, aligned business goals, and Ubiquity’s award-winning technology and process suite we’ve been successful in delivering good customer experiences while managing costs and compliance requirements.

2. How do you inject the current technological trends in the contact center arena into the effective solutions you offer?
Many contact centers are tied to legacy technologies and fail to take a modern, holistic approach to leveraging technology in support of delivering a good customer experience. We built our platform on top of modern, open technologies and have invested thousands of hours of development into our technology.

3. What are the features of Ubiquity’s well-designed Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system?
Each application is ultimately a custom design for the purpose, but we employ a common set of concepts throughout our work. We’ve found that by designing an IVR to proactively offer service options based on factors coming from a CRM tool we can improve the customer experience while decreasing servicing costs.

4. What are the other major solutions offered by Ubiquity?
We offer innovative tools developed to measure, manage, and improve customer experience. In addition, we provide a number of specialized solutions to certain industries, such as offering risk management and compliance services to the financial services industry.

5. Could you provide us a case study where Ubiquity has provided the highest quality services and has surpassed a client’s expectation?
We were brought on as a challenger to a legacy provider for one of our large clients. We had to improve their customer experience, increase customer satisfaction while addressing drivers of dissatisfaction. During the first fifteen months of operations, we delivered better customer satisfaction during twelve of the months and reduced customer dissatisfaction by more than 10 percent.

6. What are the strategies employed by Ubiquity to thwart market competition?
We believe that success can be delivered through constant innovation and the development and retaining of talent. We have invested heavily in technology and processes with staff development in mind, and consistently deliver better employee satisfaction and lower attrition than many of our industry peers.

We make self service the customer preferred experience and not just their choice by offering an on demand personalized guidance channel

7. What are some of the investments Ubiquity has made for innovations?
Ubiquity has invested across the organization to ensure that innovation remains a cornerstone of our company. We have teams dedicated to process and technical innovation, excellent executive sponsorship, and a very active level of employee engagement at all levels of the company is submitting new ideas.

8. If you were to draw an analogy between your personal hobbies/traits your thought leadership in the company, what would that be?
I believe that innovation stems from the search to understand everything about the world and the curiosity to find new ways to handle old challenges. We work to ensure that this is deeply ingrained in the culture, rewarded and cultivated.

9. Talking about the company’s roadmap, where do you see Ubiquity few years down the lane?
We have experienced rapid growth in the first three years of operations, having grown from our first employee to over 1,500 in that period of time. We have also expanded geographically and now have operations in four countries, with others on the way soon.

Ubiquity Global Services

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Corey Besaw, VP Solution Design

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