Ubisec Systems: Expert IT Strategies for Building Efficient Enterprises

Edward Sohn, President & CTO The ten year rise of Ubisec Systems is not the typical story one would expect from a successful IT solutions provider. While many pioneers initially struggled with finding the proper, up-to-date technology that does what they want it to do; Edward Sohn, a now 20 year IT veteran, got his career started in a market that was ripe with cutting-edge IT technologies. After ten years of senior management and consulting roles, he founded Ubisec with the goal of building an IT services powerhouse that could competently design, support and implement the vast IT resources available to them. The company began as a pioneer in IT Managed Services delivering what Sohn envisioned: cutting-edge, high quality IT services and solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Now, after ten years of successive growth and achievements in the industry, the future continues to look bright for Ubisec. “We are ecstatic to be recognized by CIOReview as one of the 50 Most Promising IT Services Companies and to be featured for this significant 10- year milestone. Amidst a constant climate of rapid change and evolution, and where many others have fallen, Ubisec has stood the test of time and is now well-positioned to lead the industry into the next decade. We are humbled and thankful for this acknowledgment,” says Sohn, President and CTO of Ubisec. Ubisec has also recently been named a top 250 Emerging Solutions Provider in North America by CRN, in their Next Gen 250 list.

Ubisec is an IT Cloud (CSP) and Managed Services Provider (MSP)that is rapidly gaining traction in their vertical. They stay at the forefront of the IT industry and remain competitive by delivering expert IT services and solutions and then remotely managing those solutions on an ongoing basis for their various customers from one of their Network Operation Centers (NOCs). Ubisec is always delivering, designing, and building networks, and generally stay their course as a Cisco-partnered managed infrastructure company.“We have built a long-standing and deep partnership with Cisco Systems. As such, they are one of our primary, go-to partners, as their technology solves real problems for our customers and we have been very successful in implementing their various solutions,” states Sohn.

The company maintained that focus in an industry dominated by versatile do-it-all providers who distribute their focus across multiple facets of IT rather than catering to their specialty. In finding its niche, Ubisec single-handedly rejuvenated the meaning of “IT Experts”. “Most of our competitors and partners do a little of everything, including primarily end-user support. We, on the other hand, have maintained a laser focus around designing, building and supporting mission critical IT infrastructure. I would describe us as an organization with ‘inch wide, mile deep’ expertise versus those IT companies that try to be everything to everybody, or your ‘mile wide, inch deep’ types. In fact, many of our competitors have become our partners over the years and look to us for assistance with complex infrastructure issues while they focus on their core competencies,” continues Sohn. In acting as subject matter experts, Ubisec’s knowledge goes deeper into IT services than most. The complex issues that require more than a thorough understanding of the industry are where they shine as a provider.

Understanding the Industry

Arguably, the most important part of the ‘expert’ approach is understanding where one fits into the big picture.

Having a robust, secure, scalable, and rock-solid network infrastructure is absolutely key for our customers’ success

“We were one of the first managed infrastructure service providers in the small-medium business space, and are still one of few companies who focus on managing missioncritical infrastructure, first and foremost,” continues Sohn. To accomplish this, Ubisec devotes its mid-market focus to IT agility, speed, security, and keeping clients ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. This requires a more thoroughly designed strategy. For smaller businesses, the company looks to deploy a simpler, more scalable solution that can provide a distinct and immediate value that will earn the customer’s investment.This is because the focus of small businesses is more on cost-control and solution effectiveness. If they don’t see day one value, they’re significantly less likely to make an investment in the solution.

“The major challenges for IT providers are knowing and understanding market transitions, their customers’ needs and possessing the ability to execute solutions,” says Sohn. In order to do this, Ubisec is constantly observing and investing in major market trends. They believe that Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to make a big consumer push over the next several years and that Mobile will continue to transform consumer and business communications through a combination of more powerful handheld devices, wireless technology advancements and innovative mobile app development. But it is in the Business Communications market that Ubisec sees a lot of current and future growth as workforces continue to evolve into a more distributed landscape and companies strive to be more efficient while cutting costs. “The Internet, and now the Cloud, have redefined how people work, live, learn and play. As a result, more and more businesses are adopting teleworker and remote office models than ever before. The competition is fierce. If you don’t transform and adapt, then you will be left behind,” states Sohn.

As a result, Ubisec has invested in and driven innovation through a solution they believe has redefined the industry in its Cloud Hybrid Unified Communications Solution (CHUCS).

Unleashing Cloud Potential

Ubisec has delivered cloud-based solutions for years despite acting primarily as a managed infrastructure services provider. They felt their cloud services were so promising that they funded and commissioned a separate division of their company called NexCloud that focused strictly on those services. This is where Cloud UC—PBX technology that allows the expensive PBX equipment to be hosted in the cloud rather than being traditionally installed at your office—was born. Instead of opting for onpremise, which is purchasing multiple phone systems to have them installed in different places, clients can organize their entire business into a single line of communication through Ubisec’s CHUCS service.

However, the cloud, by itself, is still a risky option. That’s why Ubisec architected CHUCS from the ground up, which is a combination of the on-premise and cloud approaches, and is based on Cisco technologies. As the Internet last mile continues to be a barrier that prevents businesses from fully adopting Cloud IP communications, Ubisec believes they have the solution in CHUCS. “The key differentiator is that it’s ‘Hybrid.’ No longer does the customer have to choose only the Cloud or only On-premise,” says Sohn.
“With CHUCS, they get the best of both worlds while mitigating their weaknesses.”

CHUCS is meant to be a competitive, high-end voice/video/ UC solution that allows clients to save money and still have a cloud consumption model that is in line with some of the more expensive technologies they might not want to invest in. Ubisec also offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) type services. “Our goal is to provide unique, transformative services, and not try to go head-to-head with the likes of Amazon or Microsoft, who compete mostly for broad market share. Our services and solutions are custom-tailored for each and every customer, and being able to offer that level of customization is one of our key differentiators as well as why our customers love us,” explains Sohn.

Ubisec believes that, for enterprises, the core needs of the past are the same today. One example the company is suggesting is the evolution of Voice over IP (VoIP) to Unified Communication (UC) and now to Collaboration, which has redefined how businesses communicate. “Yes, software and web apps are sexy and are what is driving IT innovation, but the fact is that everything is still delivered over the network. Having a robust, secure, scalable, and rock-solid network infrastructure has become exponentially more important and is absolutely key for our customers’ success,” clarifies Sohn. At its heart, Ubisec believes itself to be a security-focused company, going as far as to “bake” security into their many of the features they provide. Even their voice solutions are layered with security controls and features to give the customer peace of mind.

Creating a Culture that Rewards

Ubisec had the opportunity to work with a regional HVAC services customer that was growing in leaps and bounds. In order to streamline their business communications, they decided to give CHUCS a chance. Consequently, they have become outspoken advocates of the solution, saving money on operating expenses each year and improving their efficiency and growth through its implementation and use. With a smooth-running single cloud unified communications solution for all of their offices, they were able to accelerate the speed at which they opened new branch offices to what is still an unprecedented level.

Ubisec maintains these results through playing their part in the market and reminding the IT world that it is just as important to have strengths as it is to lack weaknesses. “Two key company values help make us successful: striving for excellence and customer service. Too many companies want to be everything to everyone,” explains Sohn. The principles of the company are coded so deep into its DNA that even its name represents what it is about. Ubisec, a play on the words ‘ubiquitous’ and ‘security,’ is a name that proudly flies the flag of a security-focused provider. They put just as much emphasis into building secure solutions as they do into honing their core strengths as a business.

Unlike others, however, the goal is as it has always been. “We don’t spend countless hours on new innovations. Our goal is to be the best at what we do. We are a very focused company and are not interested in being everything to everyone,” says Sohn. As part of their focus toward the future, Ubisec chooses to invest its efforts in hiring people who are the right cultural and attitudinal fit to maximize the productivity of their teams. They subscribe to the belief that IT workers are only as good as what they can do, and invest a good portion of their budget on training and educating their staff. “Our employees are Ubisec’s greatest resource and assets. It’s important to invest in them personally and professionally in order to maximize productivity. We strive to create a family environment here, where the value of each person is stressed and embraced by management,” says Sohn. With this kind of approach, Ubisec can not only continue to set the standards of IT Cloud and Managed Services, but remind the world of IT that the benefits of mastering a craft can outweigh those of simply understanding one.

Ubisec Systems News

Ubisec Systems Ranked #122 Among World's Most Elite 501 Managed Service Providers

LOS ANGELES - Ubisec Systems, Inc. (Ubisec) has been named as one of the world's premier managed service providers on the prestigious 2020 annual Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings.

For the 13th year running, MSPs from around the globe completed an exhaustive survey and application this spring to self-report product offerings, annual total and recurring revenues, profits, revenue mix, growth opportunities and company and customer demographic information. Applicants are ranked on a unique methodology that weights revenue figures according to long-term health and viability; commitment to recurring revenue; and operational efficiency.

Channel Futures is pleased to name Ubisec to the 2020 MSP 501

"As enterprises evolve, so do their technology needs. Ubisec has prided itself on maintaining a leadership position in the IT services industry through continuous pioneering of cutting-edge technology solutions to help our customers establish and maintain their competitive edge. With our latest "Full Stack" solutions, catered to the new distributed enterprise/work-from-home model, we will continue to lead the way in helping organizations stay secure, productive and profitable throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and into the next decade," said Edward Sohn, CTO, Ubisec. "We are proud and honored to be ranked among the top MSPs in the Greater Los Angeles region, and number #122 in the world on this prestigious list of the top 501 Managed Services Providers."

In the 13 years since its inception, the MSP 501 has evolved from a competitive ranking list into a vibrant group of service providers, vendors, distributors, consultants and industry analysts working together to define the growing managed service opportunity.

"For the third year running, the applicant pool for the annual MSP 501 has grown year-over-year, making this year's list the most competitive in the survey's history," says Kris Blackmon, Senior Content Director at Channel Partners and Channel Futures. "The MSP 501 leveraged judgement methodology brand-new in 2020 to drill down into not just what makes a big managed service provider, but what makes a great managed service provider. The 2020 winners are truly the best examples of innovation, business acumen and strategic savvy on the planet. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the 2020 winners and gratitude to the thousands of MSPs that have contributed to the continuing growth and success of both the 501 and the thriving managed services sector."

Ten MSP 501 special award winners will be recognized at the MSP 501 Awards Gala at Channel Partners Virtual: Digital Events for the Modern Channel on September 8 “ 10. Nominations for these special awards, including Digital Innovator of the Year, Executive of the Year and the Newcomer Award, were included in the MSP 501 application, and all candidates were encouraged to submit for them.

The data collected by the annual MSP 501 program drives Channel Partners's and Channel Futures's market intelligence insights, creating robust data sets and data-based trend reports that support our editorial coverage, event programming, community and networking strategies and educational offerings. It serves as a lynchpin to dozens of programs and initiatives.

The complete 2020 MSP 501 list is available at Channel Futures.


The 2020 MSP 501 list is based on data collected by Channel Futures and its sister site, Channel Partners. Data was collected online from Mar. 1 through June 30, 2018. The MSP 501 list recognizes top managed service providers based on metrics including recurring revenue, profit margin and other factors.

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