UC Point: Simplifying Microsoft UCC Complexities

Markus P. Keller, CEO
Microsoft’s modern collaboration and cloud strategies facilitate the digital transformation for organizations. It supports the next-generation workplace that is more efficient, productive, and delivers meaningful cost savings to organizations. For instance, Skype for Business in Office 365 in the cloud is a truly real-time communications platform which enables all forms of meetings, calls and interactive collaboration to work together. However, often customers find it difficult to navigate the complex Microsoft Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) ecosystem. This is where UC Point comes in.

UC Point, a global Microsoft Premier Support Partner, tackles the enormous complexity of UCC environment and supports Microsoft UCC deployment like Microsoft Skype for Business/Lync, and offers a holistic end-to-end approach to service all components of the UCC ecosystem: network, hardware, software, devices. “Our managed communication services help CIOs to free up resources within their company and to reduce the internal IT costs by 30 to 40 percent while improving the efficiency by more than 50 percent,” says Markus P. Keller, CEO, UC Point.

“As Skype for Business migrations are not trivial, we offer transition services to fully replace the existing telephony infrastructure and integrate it with existing IT and voice solutions as the CIOs seek to improve communication and collaboration within their organizations,” points out Keller. VoIP, video and conferencing services with Skype for Business are becoming an integral part of doing business. Besides, BYOD is gaining momentum. In such a scenario, there is no room for organizations to face the complexity and traffic of the network hindering real-time communications. “Our monitoring services help CIOs understand and interpret the highly complex data of their Skype for Business and Enterprise-Voice-environment correctly,” explains Keller. “They can identify critical conditions of UC hardware components such as Media Gateways, SBAs and SBCs early on and respond before they cause a major outage.” The company’s own UCP RAP assists in easy, fast, and secure remote monitoring worldwide.

Our Managed Communication Services help CIOs to free up resources within their company and to reduce the internal IT costs by 30 to 40 percent

With UC Point’s network analysis—DNA and DNA365—customers can uncover leading reasons for poor network performance so they can boost the overall quality of their Skype for Business communications. UCP DNA is a one-time analysis, particularly effective for firms struggling to identify network (VoIP) quality issues during operating hours. UCP DNA365 is a 24x7 network check for Enterprise Voice environments that proactively reports critical variances around the clock–even to the point of automatically initiating an incident notification.

The Paul Hartmann Group, global supplier of medical and healthcare products implemented a hybrid Skype for Business solution, based on Office 365. The planning and implementation of the project was carried out by UC Point in close cooperation with Microsoft to pave the way for a company-wide Skype for Business integration for 6,000 users, worldwide. “Despite the complex infrastructure and various telephony and e-mail solutions, our specialists were successful in carrying out a smooth system change-over in just twelve months.”

UC Point’s managed communication services will continue assisting CIOs to keep pace and realize their collaboration goals as next gen collaboration solutions change the work and business landscape. Staying closely connected with Microsoft and their UCC products, UC Point aims at consistently growing in customer base and experience. In terms of products and services, one of their next milestones will be the expansion of their interoperability and cloud services. “Within the next five to ten years, we aim to become the leading service provider in real-time communications and Microsoft productivity,” concludes Keller.

UC Point

Lucerne, Switzerland

Markus P. Keller, CEO

UC Point is a certified Microsoft Premier Support Partner who offers global services for Skype for Business/Lync and simplifies UCC environment

UC Point