UIEvolution: Connecting Drivers to Cloud-Based Services

Chris Ruff, President & CEO
Increasing customer expectations for flexibility and agility in accessing the digital contents inside automobiles beckon for sophisticated Human Machine Interfaces. Technological advances in voice recognition and touchpads work a great deal in enhancing in-vehicle experience and safety. UIEvolution has been bringing in cutting edge products that do just that.

Established in 2000 by Satoshil Nakajima, a former Microsoft employee, UIEvolution provides cloud based end-to-end automotive solutions for connecting car and the driver with mobile applications and services. The company’s UIEngine has software development kits that provide platform for creating updatable, branded, and customizable native HMI. Experience Engine, a powerful application framework in the suite enables the development of custom native and HTML5 applications.
OEMs and Dealers can update content and services through the cloud-based application called “Experience Manager” that comes with web-based dashboard. External services, industry standard APIs, and custom OEM services and back-office systems can be integrated through cloud-based “Experience Connector.”

With the ever-increasing complexity of the underlying platforms, UIEvolution, under the leadership of Chris Ruff, CEO, believes that the customers should only reap the fruits of technological diversity, not bear the brunt of it. In this regard, the company’s solutions bring a simplified appearance on the front end. The company brings more consumer electronics and the in-vehicle infrastructure closer which is exactly what the automotive market is looking out for. Having Toyota, General Motors, Pioneer, AT&T, Verizon, Mercedes Benz as their prominent customers, UIEvolution looks forward to revolutionize the automotive in-vehicle connectivity as well as the connectivity between the diverse consumer electronics.


Kirkland, WA

Chris Ruff, President & CEO

UIEvolution delivers an end-to-end suite of automotive products for safely connecting drivers and the car to mobile applications and services