ULTATEL: Unified Communication for Hybrid Work

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Amr Ibrahim, Founder and CEO
With tremendous changes the pandemic has brought about, remote and hybrid work models are now more prevalent with the workforce dispersed across the world. This has brought an evident barrier in corporate communication with a need for communication systems independent of location and device. In addition to this issue comes the requirement of advanced analytics to manage remote devices according to the business model and enabling these devices to connect to multiple work applications such as CRM systems. A telecommunication company that brings harmony to this disruption in communication and management is ULTATEL.

ULTATEL provides an advanced cloud-based phone system that integrates scattered systems to a single cloud entity. The versatile cloud platform enables clients to connect and exchange information via various methods such as texts, video, phone, and messaging.

“We provide an advanced unified communication platform that addresses three dimensions—the user experience, IT implementation and administration, and ROI,” says Amr Ibrahim, Founder, and CEO of ULTATEL.

The VoIP platform that ULTATEL provides adapts with clients as they expand, making it scalable upward and downward with features added along the road, offering the ultimate user experience. Their cloud platform is a managed service that allows IT administrators to make changes quickly and easily through an intuitive user interface.

Another aspect from the perspective of IT admins is the security of these applications, which ULTATEL guarantees. ULTATEL’s cloud-based phone system onboards businesses irrespective of whether the user base is in the tens or the thousands range. Furthermore, ULTATEL’s cloud phone system also offers comparable features to its competitors at a reasonable cost, making it an efficient tool in terms of ROI.

Multiple success stories from across sectors attest to ULTATEL’s cloud platform’s efficiency, flexibility, and scalability, and one such anecdote is its implementation in a doctor’s office. ULTATEL’s cloud based phone system enables employees to handle patient problems, appointments, and inquiries from any device anywhere. The appropriate employee is, changing the concept of “the front desk” and greatly improving patient satisfaction. In a scenario involving another client, ULTATEL’s cloud solution also combined calls from various locations into a single queue, which was a significant benefit when it came to productivity and scheduling.
A six-pronged approach ensures the implementation and use of ULTATEL’s cloud solution meet the client’s business objectives—‘no excuses’ reliability guarantee, technology and system architecture, security and compliance, free and project-managed onboarding, exceptional support, and best-value pricing. ULTATEL’s ‘no excuses’ feature is the 99.999-percent uptime guarantee for their services. Moreover, the presence of 24x7 support, together with their skilled technicians, enables ULTATEL to provide clients exceptional service and support, with a 20-second average answer time and 95-percent first contact resolution.

Having a competent team also helps ULTATEL with customer onboarding, which follows a dedicated process where a project manager is assigned to provide customized implementation plans. If a client is already obtaining services from a vendor, ULTATEL co-ordinates with the client and the former provider for a smooth transition. If necessary, the company also provides free training and customized site configuration.

We provide an advanced unified communication platform that addresses three dimensions— the user experience, IT implementation and administration, and ROI

Concerns like the transition from a different provider, or the use of a home system may raise concerns about data security and compliance, but ULTATEL’s team emphasizes data security as their cloud system complies with HIPAA and PCI regulations. ULTATEL makes all these capabilities affordable for clients by providing transparent pricing and packages with unlimited messaging, video, phone and meetings.

“Capabilities like video conferencing, audio conferencing, file sharing, and screen sharing that wasn’t available for small business to take advantage of are now part of the core unified communication platform that we offer,” says Ibrahim.

ULTATEL’s cloud-based phone system is defined by its six-pronged strategy that assures an organization’s requirements and business objectives are met. ULTATEL is creating a solid communication foundation enabling remote and hybrid work that translates into increased productivity and job satisfaction.


Herndon, VA

Amr Ibrahim, Founder and CEO

ULTATEL enables people to work together and get the information they need to do their best work, anywhere they are. ULTATEL’s cloud platform brings together phone, video, messaging, SMS and business apps, allowing people to connect, meet, and exchange information on any device. ULTATEL uses its technology and experience to help businesses address the challenges that matter to them, with an enterprise-grade platform that delivers exceptional service to an entrepreneur and scales to the largest multi-national organizations.