Ultimum Technologies: Adeptly Monitoring Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure

Ales Hejkal, CEO
The rapid solution deployment ability as well as the ability to modify solutions in a fast and effective way is demanded in today’s technology arena. Usually this means the application deployment needs to be fully automated and orchestrated. To cater to the demand of advanced cloud infrastructure in a fast and effective manner, solution and application deployment needs to be fully automated and orchestrated. Ultimum Technologies is addressing the aforementioned issues with Ultimum Cloud Platform—a solution enabling the automation of key operations while keeping the option available to provide a platform customization to address specific integration issues in client deployment. The Ultimum cloud platform encapsulates the principle of high availability of resources with critical properties such as elastic scalability, security, agile launch of new business applications. All of the processes managed by the platform are documented in detail, which enables managing of IT infrastructure in accordance with Information Technology Infrastructure Library principles.

“The pervasive technological trend we can see today is the management of heterogeneous infrastructures via common standardized API. The OpenStack technology is a very effective tool for achieving this,” says Aleš Hejkal, CEO at Ultimum Technologies. OpenStack is an open system, hence there is scope to deliver a customized solution in the areas that are not fully incorporated as an OpenStack project. “The heterogeneous infrastructure management also comes together with effective resource allocation,” he elucidates. In order to enable clients to allocate the resources, a complex monitoring and reporting system containing all relevant analytical information is required. “Since the beginning, we are building a standardized monitoring and billing solution on top of single OpenStack projects,” quips Hejkal.

Expounding the philosophy of best price/value ratio on the market, the company has adopted the principles of open source defined by OpenStack to develop solutions for providing high quality services that helps in formulating a successful business strategy.“We will publish all the in-house developed software as an open source code that will allow transparency from the point of view of customers as it incorporates customers’ insights into the solution,” notes Hejkal.

Since the beginning, we are building a standardized monitoring and billing solution on top of single OpenStack projects

Ultimum Technologies’ services and solutions aims to help customers in yielding advantage of OpenStack via implementation of OpenStack Neutron driver for Cisco Nexus 1000v for VMware. “We are now deploying this solution for some of our customers and are going to release it in early 2016 as a part of our Ultimum Cloud Platform. This implementation allows building a SDN solution for multi-hypervisor environment,” asserts Hejkal.

Having performed implementation of data-intensive OpenStack Sahara project, the company has acknowledged the huge interest from its clients to see Hadoop and Spark together. “We aspire to provide maximum value for the enterprise customers by carefully listening to their needs and customizing solutions to garner maximal flexibility. Working with worldwide analyst partners we leverage new technology concepts into the end-user’s think-tanks to generate new business opportunities,” affirms Hejkal.

Ultimum Technologies has been engaged in several European cloud initiatives and its clientele primarily consists of leading Telco and utility operators. To improve ROI, Ultimum Cloud Platform orchestrated their extensive infrastructures with the proven result of personnel cost reduction.

The company, as one of the strategic OpenStack players in Europe, is going to take the advantage of technological expertise and spread services and solutions to other European countries. “We are going to strengthen our position in the enterprise segment by launching our Ultimum Enterprise Platform and integrating features such as auditing, reporting, support for workflows and complete security domain model.” concludes Hejkal.

Ultimum Technologies

Prague, Czech Republic

Ales Hejkal, CEO

Ultimum Technologies is a provider of Ultimum Cloud Platform which provides a complete IaaS solution. The platform is based on stable and tested OpenStack version and includes enhancements as complex monitoring, reporting, billing and customizable graphical user interface