Ultra Consulting: Research And ERP Consultants Improving Business Performance

Jeff Carr, Managing Partner
Since 1994, Ultra Consultants has delivered ERP technology expertise and business process management to drive business performance improvement for its clients. It is an independent research and ERP consulting firm serving the manufacturing and distribution industries with the mission to help its clients improve their business performance by combining its business process improvement skills with its knowledge of ERP technology.

Ultra’s consultants employ an evaluation methodology to evaluate ERP vendors which are integrated with Ultra’s Business Process Improvement services, ERP Implementation services, as well as Business Intelligence services.
These services help mid-market manufacturers reduce the chance of implementation problems by helping to manage complexity, risk, and data integration challenges. Furthermore, the services provide its clients a clear and simple path to unlocking the information, knowledge, and value in the company’s business transactions.

Ultra’s clients have achieved various improvements such as reduced assets with supply chain management practices, eliminated back office effort with access to information, and improved productivity; improved engineering productivity; improved financial management; and improved user productivity and access to information.

Ultra Consulting

Galena, OH

Jeff Carr, Managing Partner

Research and ERP consulting firm to help its clients improve their business performance