Ultramain Systems: Asset Maintenance Management Software to Commercial Aviation

Mark McCausland, CEO
The aerospace market is facing the challenge of maintaining its sophisticated yet complex assets especially where public transport safety is involved. Regulatory compliance and a large volume of inner related data has driven serious issues that operators have to deal with, within their maintenance organization. Ultramain Systems, Inc. (USI), headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, designs, develops and implements integrated maintenance and logistics software solutions for airlines and MROs.

Headed by Mark McCausland, the company primarily offers asset maintenance management software to the commercial aviation industry which translates into aircraft Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) and Maintenance and Engineering software (M&E). With its three decades of expertise, USI’s focus has always been on improving productivity, increasing safety while reducing costs. More recently this has taken the form of banishing the use of paper in aerospace operations. “Eliminating paper means taking thorough charge of the electronic transactions that are taking place, along with timeliness and accuracy of data collection. We lie at the forefront of providing clients with accurate information required for maintenance,” remarks McCausland.

Traditionally, the company has been supporting operators of MRO and M&E software, which includes using USI’s ground-based software that is used to plan schedule and execute maintenance. “The challenge in the present day for companies is to create software that addresses the requirements of our customers in a way that is easy for their end users to handle and use,” says McCausland.
To meet this need, USI deals with critical aerospace operations using its Maintenance as well as Onboard Systems’ suite of software products. More recently, USI expanded into the cockpit with the help of its product efbTechLogs. It fully replaces one of the most highly regulated documents in the aviation which is the aircraft technical log, containing logs where pilots record defects and maintenance problems. Operator then addresses those defects and rectifies them with the help of this highly controlled document. “We have taken this to a state of technology that allows regulators to provide Ops Approvals for full paperless operations using electronic tech log software,” claims McCausland. On the other hand, M&E and Electronic Log Software work as a key differentiating parameter for USI due to their advanced ease of use, deeper functionality, and superior real time decision support.

The company has provided its asset maintenance management software to 25 other industries over the years supporting such diverse assets as ships, trains, ground vehicles, pipelines, underground, aircraft and spacecraft. USI caters its services to various airline companies like Emirates Airline, Cathay Pacific Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and the first spaceline company, Virgin Galactic. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, a tech innovator in electronic logbook software area, had implemented USI’s efbTechLogs into first live production use. The airline company kept a focus on ease-of-use and wanted to make sure that the use of software did not increase the pilot workload in the cockpit, as it would have cascading effects with respect to safety. With USI’s efbTechLogs software, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines could reduce the tasks of their pilots eliminating the use of paper-based tech logs for making regular reports.

With 150 employees working currently in the U.S., the company has its offices in several locations worldwide. As chasing speedy technology changes is a major challenge, USI believes in constantly investing in Research and Development to address the complex problems by producing more intuitive easy-to-use software.

Ultramain Systems

Albuquerque, NM

Mark McCausland, CEO

Provides M&E and MRO software products and software implementation services.