UltraServe: Streamlining E-commerce with AWS Infrastructure

Matthew Hyland, CEO
Given the influx of innovative technology and the endless opportunity it offers organizations wanting to enter the e-commerce realm, it is indisputable that today’s business marketplace is highly competitive. Businesses across sectors have the ability to open up shop in a hurry, and with a strong online presence, the potential to be successful is high. However, as businesses grow into large, reputable enterprises, the need for the right e-commerce infrastructure and support becomes apparent.

Sydney, Australia-based UltraServe entered the market in 2000 to do just that. Matthew Hyland, CEO, explains, “UltraServe is an innovative, creative company founded by a very young gentleman who had a desire to bring a strong cloud hosting business to Sydney.” Built on a foundation of industry expertise and a solid understanding of the unique challenges facing large enterprises in today’s marketplace, UltraServe works to provide solutions for cloud-hosted e-commerce platforms in partnership with Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

Over the last two years, UltraServe has honed in on its specialty in cloud hosting for large corporations, specifically focusing on becoming a leader in hosting SAP Hybris e-commerce platforms for organizations around the world. Hyland states, “We wanted to offer the best in class cloud infrastructure to serve a global market, and came to the conclusion that AWS was the ideal partner.” Through the strategic partnership with AWS, UltraServe is able to expertly deploy, seamlessly host, and continuously manage a customer’s e-commerce platform. Customers best served by UltraServe and its AWS partnership fall into a precise category: they have chosen SAP Hybris and want expert assistance in implementing and managing the platform. Hyland explains, “Large enterprises have substantial needs for e-commerce when it comes to specific projects, and having the right partner in that space is crucial to their success.” With UltraServe, customers have an enhanced experience in managing their e-commerce platform in the cloud with the help of SmartStack, the unique technology developed by leading industry experts at the company. With this boost, UltraServe customers have the upper hand in orchestrating and automating the deployment of their e-commerce platform all within the cloud, fully supported by the company’s 24/7 dedicated service team.

UltraServe is an e-commerce specialized cloud hosting business. We make implementing and running Hybris commerce platforms easy for large corporate businesses globally

UltraServe has seen unprecedented success in helping corporations take charge of their e-commerce platforms. Recently, a large retailer in Australia came to UltraServe after facing unmanageable challenges in the deployment phase of their new e-commerce platform through an alternative provider. Instead of throwing in the proverbial towel on the project, they employed the help of the experts at UltraServe to course correct. Within a matter of weeks, the company’s e-commerce platform was transitioned over to UltraServe’s Platform on AWS and the SAP Hybris project rescued. UltraServe gave the retailer a clear solution to deploying its cloud-hosted e-commerce platform and the customer feels strongly that the project would have been left to dissolve without the company’s expert help.

Hyland sees a bright future for UltraServe based on its continued investment in innovation. In the near future, the company plans to develop and enhance its current offerings by including added functionality and applications to its products, such as Adobe Experience Manager to complement other elements of e-commerce platforms. Hyland feels confident that UltraServe is making the right decision to expand globally, with plans to add to its global footprint by adding an office in Europe after recently establishing an office in North America. The basis for UltraServe’s success in cloud-hosted e-commerce through AWS is based on Hyland’s contagious passion for adding value, delivering on his word, and maintaining a culture of best in class.


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Matthew Hyland, CEO

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