UNICOM Government: Driving Virtualization, Physical Security, and Unified Communication

Corry S. Hong, Founder & CEO
Gartner has reported that enterprise data needs will grow 650 percent over the next 5 years, making it more difficult and expensive for companies to maintain their data, especially the Public agencies. In the past, companies managed growth by adding capacity, but today the scenario has changed. Today’s data must be managed and functions such as data center consolidation, green initiatives, regulatory compliance mandates, search solutions, data mobility, high availability, and disaster recovery have become key drivers that needs to be addressed by businesses. Helping them in this cause is UNICOM Government—a company that provides IT solutions, services, and financial options to government agencies.

Corry S. Hong, Founder, President and CEO, UNICOM Global, feels that today’s state and local governments face more complex management challenges than ever before, from the safety of physical infrastructures and communication networks to the security of mass transportation and disaster recovery systems. These challenges, plus budgetary constraints, create a pressing need for advanced IT solutions that can bridge the power of technology with the realities of responsive governance. UNICOM Government offers state and local governments a single point of contact for the design, integration, engineering, project management, support, and maintenance of IT systems. From the smallest municipalities to the largest states, the company provides IT solutions that enable clients to deliver top-quality services to customers and citizens, making clients, facilities, and community better places to work and live.

Consider the example of a renowned energy corporation. The use of classified removable electronic media (CREM) to store information presented a persistent security challenge to the company. Leading an indepth review of commercially available products, UNICOM evaluated hardware, software, power, cooling, and network components from multiple vendors. The company then developed a pilot diskless architecture that provided extended multi-functionality and allowed the client to add or decrease layers of security, according to mission requirements. With diskless technology, there is no writeable disk space; data resides on a server in a controlled data center instead of a PC or desktop. A stateless boot device, used to connect a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to the network, provides access to the servers and Internet.

UNICOM Government aims at providing enterprise-grade IP capabilities that help you achieve mission-critical objectives by converging your voice, data, and video communications onto a single, secure IP-based network

Users must be logged in to access the data, and when they log out, the data is automatically stored on the server. Because the boot device does not have an imbedded operating system or internal storage, there are no operating system images to maintain and data cannot be transferred to the thin client. Additionally, USB ports are disabled in the BIOS, ensuring that data cannot be removed or tampered with.

Federal intelligence agencies turn to UNICOM Government for the IT solutions and services that drive their missions forward. With certified and Top Secret/SCI cleared personnel including engineers and program managers, extensive technical capabilities, and a state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2000 certified Integration and Distribution Center, UNICOM Government offers the resources needed to meet the most critical IT demands. The company also provides financing options that help organizations move technology assets and services costs away from capital budgets to operating and maintenance budgets. This shields their IT programs and projects from funding cuts and eliminates peaks in capital expenditures.

“Going forward, at a time when there is an increasing need for organizations to incorporate improved collaboration and worker productivity while managing a range of communication applications, UNICOM Government aims at providing enterprise-grade IP capabilities that help clients achieve missioncritical objectives by converging their voice, data, and video communications onto a single, secure IP-based network,” concludes Hong.

UNICOM Government

Herndon, VA

Corry S. Hong, Founder & CEO

UNICOM Government works with federal, state, and local government organizations of all types, delivering the IT solutions, services, and financial options that help each stay on course for success