Unicon Software: Software Solutions for Cloud Computing and management

Niels Keunecke, Managing Director
Today, cloud computing aims at enhancing speed, agility, and scalability of IT infrastructures. However, companies moving to cloud computing are facing issues such as cost pressure, less resources and tools to enhance productivity. Unicon Software, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, develops and enhances cloud computing software solutions in order to offer companies flexible, cost-efficient, and secure IT solutions. Since inception, Unicon Software’s main focus is in the area of central management of heterogeneous Thin Client infrastructures, operating systems, network protocols, and client-server architectures. The company also provides high quality software solutions for Desktop Virtualization environments.

“Founded in 1993, we were among the first companies to deliver desktop virtualization software suitable for productive use” says Niels Keunecke, Managing Director, Unicon Software. The advantages of thin clients are numerous. These devices are cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and offer a high security standard as well as great flexibility.

Unicon’s portfolio centers on three powerful offerings. “eLux” (Embedded Linux) is based on a write-protected file system and therefore safe from computer viruses and other malware, even without using special antivirus software. This flexible and easy to use operating system works on thin clients as well in combination with conventional PC hardware. It is designed for x86- and ARM processors. “eLux has very few hardware requirements. Its composition is modular and easily scalable, while the administration is carried out centrally through our management solution,” says Keunecke. With the help of Scout Enterprise and the eLux Image Admistration Service (ELIAS) the administrator can define the eLux™ software image for the thin clients and the PCs of a company. According to the user requirements, the administrator can integrate the relevant signed and tested software package into the software image. Furthermore, the solutions are perfectly compatible with the latest software components provided by a strategic technology partner, Citrix.

eLux™ as well as the management solution Scout Enterprise are the perfect software solutions deployed in a centralized IT architecture

“Having a good and solid technology alliance with Citrix is essential for Unicon Software to deliver desktop virtualization solutions in premium quality”, says Keunecke.

Unicon’s software solutions are based on standard components, meeting the unique demands of the customer. “We have exceptional expertise in the domain and enhances effective strategies in day-to-day functioning, especially in thin client computing,” adds Keunecke. The uniqueness of their solutions, along with their client-centric approach helps the company standout from the rest. For example consider the case of Finanz Informatik, IT service provider of the German savings bank, established a project to consolidate and virtualize IT infrastructure back in 2004. With more than 225,000 workplaces, it is the world largest centrally managed, heterogeneous Thin Client installation. Characterized by a decentralized procurement organization, their client-server infrastructure was primarily based on PCs. The customer’s most important customer requirement was to implement a comprehensive management solution for Thin Clients. Secondly, their high availability banking operations should also be ensured by using a hardware-independent solution. Centralized hosting of applications should allow the use of low-cost Thin Clients with an appropriate operating system. There should be a multi-sourcing approach to minimize risks with the Thin Client hardware. Moving forward, Unicon software will continue to focus on enhancing software solutions. The company is planning to launch a new Citrix solution to best possibly support Unified communication applications. Furthermore, Unicon software is aiming to build a solution for multimedia applications with the help of Citrix and Citrix technology partners.

Unicon Software

Karlsruhe, Germany

Niels Keunecke, Managing Director

Provides high quality software solutions for Desktop Virtualization environments.