Uniecommerce: Striving to Forge a State-of-the-Art E-commerce Landscape

With the world drifting towards integrating e-commerce into existing business structure, business enterprises, regardless of capacity, are incorporating changes to gear up for the escalation in e-commerce trends. But the dubiousness which wear out the users lie in creating a cohesive platform which leverages technologies, viz. mobile commerce, e-funds transfer, supply chain management, inventory management systems, and data collection systems. Uniecommerce, headquartered in USA, emerges in the same context as a provider of e-commerce solutions, helping businesses to start their online store by providing a team of experienced web designers and developers.

Uniecommerce’s products and solutions aim at addressing every trivial issue of the merchants and furnish a ready-made platform to launch an e-commerce initiative. The platform provides Mobile Commerce Solutions for every activity, from purchase to payment, and more. The Customer Loyalty service identifies individuals based on their purchase habits to ascertain their loyalty. The B2B enterprises also reap the benefits of Uniecommerce using its B2B e-commerce Development solution that helps foster a captivating shopping experience for users and in-turn help realize optimum profit. Moreover, it is also a B2C e-commerce Platform helping consumers find desired products and retailers to manage promotions across all channels.

Alongside, Uniecommerce’s e-commerce Management Software features an easy-to-use interface to deliver a seamless customer experience. The overall business efficiency is enhanced as all processes including product listings, inventory updates, order fulfillment and customer management are automated. “Customers have least patience to wait for longer downloads. They tend to bounce off the website when it takes time to download. Therefore building a multi vendor e-commerce site with fast loading time is essential for business success,” exclaimed Nandhakumar K, CEO, Uniecommerce.

UnieMerchant, a multi-merchant dedicated software which helps forge a virtual marketplace where multiple vendors can sell their products. It aims at increasing product sale for vendors by enlarging the range of product options. Another product, UnieEnterprise is a high-performance, custom-built architecture for larger enterprises handling heavy-volume business with effortless management. UnieCart is a very scalable and cost-effective product and helps re-design a business system to assimilate the changing trends.

The e-commerce site we provide includes only the relevant and essential content. The contents are organized for easily searching and finding the right products

UnieMart is the latest addition to this array of products that help retailers create and manage their own grocery e-commerce store. Setting up store, managing a store, online marketing, business services, logistics, quick development, live support, are some other significant services that Uniecommerce houses. Nandhakumar extols, “The e-commerce site we provide includes only the relevant and essential content. The contents are organized for easily searching and finding the right products.”

Uniecommerce has had a long list of glorified clientele. Biosox, an Australian based producer of customized socks is one of their most illustrious clients. The company found it complicated to build a clean site with user-friendly navigation and secured payment gateway. They also needed easy check-out, easy sign-in and easy sign-out options on their website. Uniecommerce helped resolve these issues by delivering a site with user-friendly interface coupled with various secured payment gateway and easy checkout options. Enticing slideshows and social media icons were some additional features implemented to gain more traction on the website. This resulted in Biosox realizing substantial profits.

Uniecommerce has revolutionized the entire e-commerce landscape with their continuous innovation and user-friendly platform. Their future plan include improving existing products and services, fostering customer delight by providing effective support and coming up with more cost effective solutions for realizing optimum ROI.


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Nandhakumar K, CEO

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