uniRow; Redefining the Meaning of Sales Training For Enterprises

CIO VendorNimit Kumar, CEO
Leveraging technology for sales in the best possible manner is a critical business function that most organizations desire. However, this doesn’t come easy because most solutions are not designed to deliver ROI that often leads to transitionally disconnected activities. But with uniRow, a company that provides a platform for delivering and managing sales training in enterprises, this is feasible. uniRow brings all the necessary tools to deliver virtual trainings, assess sales executives on both knowledge and skills, as well as generate in-depth analytics for identifying training needs.

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, uniRow allows organizations to track Salesforce readiness and delivers precise training. Being a SaaS company, uniRow avoids delving into customization of a product for an individual customer. The company’s platform is capable of delivering both knowledge and skill-based training to the sales people with the right training content, without disrupting their sales processes. In training, and learning and development functions, company hires sales trainers to assist the organization in hardships as well as investment ideas for sustainability. Also built around mobile world, the solutions works completely on the browser and does not require any application to be downloaded on the computer, making it operating system agnostic—on Windows, Linux or Mac-OS.

Training Cloud, uniRow’s key product helps organization bring a data-driven approach to sales training that links training outcomes to sales performance. The solution is built with company’s deeper understanding and experience in the space, as well as the support from very experienced sales trainers across different geographies and industries. With the training to Salesforce users, uniRow helps organizations increase CRM adoption and deliver greater value to the sales teams.It provides a rich API framework that integrates with CRM and ERP solution being used at the organization
Integration with CRM helps improve training experience, employee knowledge and retention through a seamless learning experience. It's ideal for online sales training, sales enablement programs, on-boarding and new product rollouts. “uniRow’s approach is to help customer’s get maximum engaging sales training experience without disrupting their sales processes,” says Nimit Kumar, CEO, uniRow.

uniRow’s clients belong to both mid and large-size enterprises with sales teams ranging from 50 to 1000+ employees and industries as diverse as Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Internet. For instance, consider the case involving a healthcare diagnostics chain with operations across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The client was facing challenges with wide sales presence, complex products, and sales training. They wanted to identify training needs based on actual sales performance. By integrating with Salesforce, uniRow provided the client with a deep link in sales performance and training impacts.

uniRow’s approach is to help our customers get a maximally engaging sales training experience without disrupting their sales processes

uniRow’s training enterprise consists of a competitive environment and is dominated by LMS and HRMS vendors, and moving ahead the company aims to consciously take a vertical approach to the training problem. The company also plans to discover training needs around competencies and deliver skills remotely and assess selling skills that gives an edge over others. The company continues to scale up sales training for all sizes, geographies and industries, as well as develop technology-driven solutions that will help clients leverage data more effectively.


Mountain View, NY

Nimit Kumar, CEO

Transforming the way sales training is managed and delivered in enterprises.