UNIT4 Business Software: Business Software That Embraces Change

Shelley Zapp, President & CEO
The Public Sector environment is becoming increasingly complex when it comes to servicing stakeholders. Public Sector organizations have to cope with a range of issues including ever-increasing expectations, rapidly emerging and developing technologies, organizational change and lack of time to identify and react to shifts in demand and regulations. And to cap it all off, they must remain focused on running their operations effectively to maximize every opportunity and deliver services, regardless of the prevailing conditions. UNIT4 Business Software is a global business software and services company focused on helping these dynamic organizations by providing high quality, reliable and flexible financial management and ERP systems in order to help them monitor and control their resources and performance.

UNIT4 Business Software, a subsidiary of UNIT4, has its headquarters in Victoria, BC and Manchester, NH. "Our approach to ongoing development and releases offer our customers, unrivalled freedom of choice around updates and upgrades, as UNIT4 Business Software evolves to deliver the next generation of fast, flexible and ultra user-friendly ERP software," says Shelley Zapp, President and CEO.

The UNIT4 Business Software team provides software solutions, specifically designed to help their clients to embrace change. The company provides a range of solutions including— UNIT4's Agresso Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resource Management (HRM), Financial Management, Business Analytics, Consolidation and Cash, Financial Audit, Shared Services, Cloud Computing Solutions, Expert Software Services and Regional Solutions/Specialization.
The key differentiator for the company is UNIT4 Agresso's ability to adapt to ongoing and disruptive business changes due to its post-implementation agility. The company has embraced a new approach to ERP, which focuses on keeping the costs of business change down, ensuring business change can be handled internally without external IT or services costs and when needed (independent from the vendor) and, most importantly, minimizing business disruption. It's this level of flexibility that is fast becoming business critical. Since Agresso's architecture was designed to be flexible, it offers post-implementation agility which is necessary to support an organization's future requirements and growth.

A UNIT4 Business Software case study reveals the King County Housing Authority (KCHA), which provides rental housing assistance and a broad array of supportive services to 18,000 and more families, living in an area encompassing more than 2,000 square miles, outside of the cities of Seattle and Renton in Washington State. The housing authority is committed to encourage self-sufficiency and protect the dignity of people with limited resources while safeguarding the public trust. KCHA decided to switch to ERP software by turning to UNIT4 Agresso, and because of this, the housing authority was able to carry out its tasks in a more agile manner as the Agresso software was specifically designed to let business users modify the system quickly and easily, without disruption.

Looking ahead, UNIT4 Business Software aspires to set the global standard for business software with a strategy to grow organically and to expand the scope of its solutions and deliver to the sectors it focuses on. The company wishes to be known for the quality and innovation of its software, services and partnerships, coupled with the passion and skills of their people and the success of their clients.

UNIT4 Business Software

Victoria, BC

Shelley Zapp, President & CEO

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