Unitas Global: Leveraging OpenStack for the Enterprise

Grant Kirkwood, CTO
In today’s fragmented computing world, the enterprise often finds itself designing, implementing, and managing IT by itself. Many resort to different sources to cobble together a solution.

Unitas Global was formed to bring all their critical IT and cloud solutions under one roof. “Our name means Unify in Latin,” explained Grant Kirkwood, Unitas’ CTO. “Our clients get everything from one trusted partner, which means they can put their attention back to the software that powers their business. That’s really what Unitas is all about.”

Unitas focuses on mid-to-large enterprise organizations that want to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies, including OpenStack. “A couple of years ago, many enterprise CIOs hadn’t heard of OpenStack or had concerns about its viability. Those worries are fading away, but the fact remains most companies lack the expertise required to build and operate OpenStack clouds,” says Kirkwood.

OpenStack as a technology is a broad concept and there are many different ways to leverage it: through a commercial distribution, as an appliance, or as a hosted service with a partner. What Unitas is trying to do is empower the enterprise to easily consume rather than build and operate OpenStack. “We are a technology agnostic provider with the expertise to design hybrid cloud roadmaps for the enterprise. We’re going to build it, manage it, and keep it running,” explains Kirkwood.

Analysts estimate over 90 percent of the Fortune 1000 are evaluating or adopting agile development processes for their internal software applications. Another major trend is adoption of container technology, which allows companies to move applications easily between clouds, something that had been challenging in the past. Unitas promises to help with that and more.

One of their flagship offerings is Unitas AtlasTM, a unified monitoring and management platform. It gathers data from the entire environment and presents that information in a single-view dashboard. “The power of Unitas AtlasTM is in the wide variety of information it gathers and presenting it in a clear and concise way so our clients can easily understand their performance,” states Kirkwood.

Our clients get everything from one trusted partner, which means they can put their attention back to the software that powers their business. That’s really what Unitas is all about

Another approach to cloudunique to Unitas is through its network services. “A lot of cloud companies build the infrastructure and rely on you provide the connectivity. We are different. It’s not just computing and storing – it’s the strength of the network that connects it together,” expalins the CTO.

Unitas prides itself in being truly global in nature with a majority of their deployments outside of North America. They manage deployments on nearly every continent and are regularly expanding into new markets. “When clients need to deploy in a new location, we go and build it out,” postulates Kirkwood.

Unitas has helped many companies focus more on their core business rather than infrastructure, allowing them to save time and money. “One client was able to launch their SaaS product in Europe in half the time expected, and another manufacturing company was able to save 50 percent on a month-over-month basis compared with their legacy infrastructure. It was a really significant savings of many millions of dollars a year,” remarks Kirkwood.

The pace of business process transformation enabled by the cloud is profoundly outpacing nearly any technology adoption in history. The rewards to those who are adopting it are equally profound, enabling growth and innovation across all industries.

Unitas Global

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Grant Kirkwood, CTO

Unitas Global designs, deploys, and manages secure and easy-to-use cloud infrastructure, platforms, and managed services

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