United Business Systems: Redefining the Printing Workflow

Bob Belli, VP
In the volatile corporate world, only the most cost-effective and efficient businesses survive. To stay ahead of the curve in this ultra-competitive world, organizations tend to focus on the grand scheme of things and often overlook smaller details that can help them improve their internal processes. An appropriate example is the large amounts of expenses organizations incur because of their archaic printing systems. Excessive paper wastage, compromised document security, delays due to malfunction, and high maintenance costs are all manifestations of inefficient printing systems. Organizations are now seeking partners to provide them with comprehensive print solutions that include network implementation, server setup, and round-the-clock support services. With over 8500 satisfied clients, United Business Systems (UBS) is the ideal partner for any organization planning to implement a print policy. UBS has grown consistently through referrals in healthcare, education, and legal sectors, which require high levels of flexibility and document security because of their innovative system implementation and customer-centric approach.

UBS was initially a reseller for HP and Sharp printers, copiers, and fax machines until it was acquired nine years ago by Bob Belli, the current VP of UBS and his business partner, Andy Ruggiero. The first step UBS took under the new leadership was to become authorized reseller of Canon, the market leader in printing equipment. They are currently Advanced Partners of Canon, among their top 25 largest resellers in the nation. UBS augmented its reselling business by delivering packaged print management solutions. “Hardware and software solutions can easily be purchased in the market, but our clients return to us solely for the UBS service experience,” emphasizes Belli. All technicians at UBS have over 15 years of experience working in this field and display prowess in implementing specialized solutions that suit the exact requirements of the clients.

Despite the major advances in technology, 90 percent of the companies have not implemented a planned printing system. UBS develops customized printer networks and software solutions that help companies move away from legacy printers. Using uniFLOW—the company’s print management software— they can configure a control list at the server level which can remotely control the configuration of equipment at the machine level.

Hardware and software solutions can easily be purchased in the market, but our clients return to us solely for the UBS service experience

UBS designs solutions that can provide secure printing, express scanning options for bulk projects, streamlined IP/device driver management, secure mobile printing services, and remote monitoring of the systems. They implement automation tools to diagnose and rectify issues, thereby reducing the maintenance requirements of the network.

An example of the flexible workflows UBS designs is the implementation at a regional high school. The school had multiple buildings and was running on multiple print servers. By splitting all printers within every building between different servers, UBS ensured that none of the buildings get incapacitated by the failure of a single server. The company’s dedication towards developing failover systems is further illustrated by a system designed for nurses’ stations. Nurses’ stations require constant availability of printers to swiftly print patient information when needed. UBS designed a system where the print job would be automatically redirected to another printer in case of any malfunctions. The document can be printed immediately or securely held till the authorized person reaches the printer.

UBS considers itself a service organization and unlike other companies, employs twice the number of service technicians than sales representatives. The unique appraisal system at UBS rewards employees based on the performance of systems they implemented rather than the number service calls attended. This reflects the company’s intent of delivering high quality and reliable solutions. The company offers customized bills that are designed to suit the internal management system of their clients. This sort of dedication towards customer satisfaction is what sets UBS apart and fuels their growth into new markets.

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Bob Belli, VP

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