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Chris Peebles, President
Managing, supplying, and supporting a fleet of printers can be time consuming and exhausting. Add in multiple locations, and it only compounds the problem. A fleet of printers implies that the organization needs to look at various aspects including choosing the right printer manufacturer to understanding the per-page-cost to monitor, manage and optimize the total printing environment. With these numerous shades of printing requirements, how does a firm with a multitude of devices streamline the process? Enter United Laser, a nationwide managed print services (MPS) provider that focuses on giving its clients a singular means of handling the hardware, maintaining the performance of printers, and delivering results as efficiently and effectively as possible.

To simplify the printer fleet management, United Lasers’ MPS solutions offer a broad range of tools and services to help clients economize their printing costs. In addition to assisting firms in handling their printers, United Laser also helps their clients understand the technicalities involved in managing a fleet of printers to attain the highest efficiency. The firm leverages the knowledge and experience it has earned over the last 16 years to find the apt solution for its client’s requirements (based on assessing the data drawn from their devices). That being said, “One of the most common printer-based pain points among firms is printer security,” mentions Chris Peebles, president of United Laser. As a means to address this challenge, United Laser leverages their HP Managed Print Premier status to offer HP’s JetAdvantage Security Manager, a secured printing solution that allows IT teams to easily establish a fleet-wide security policy, ensure compliance, and protect their workflow.

At the time of client engagement, United Laser makes a critical assessment of the company’s existing devices to paint a better picture of their printing environment. Based on this knowledge, the client is offered to choose from United Laser’s wide gamut of service packages. Irrespective of the package a client chooses, they benefit from an array of advantages provided by United Laser, such as day-to-day remote printer fleet monitoring, replenishing supplies, and sending qualified technicians to handle device repairs. In situations where the device cannot be repaired on-site, a pick-up is arranged to take the printer to the service center.
“To ensure a continual optimization of the client’s printer fleet, we follow a three-pronged strategy of analyzing, managing, and improving,” expresses Peebles. Following this approach of client engagement, United Laser is able to gather necessary inputs about the device operations and create a baseline to measure productivity. Thus, United Laser can continuously update its clients with real-time information on the entire printer fleet and inform instantaneously if they monitor a glitch, thereby avoiding the possibility of a complete shutdown of printing functions. And, to maintain the printers’ performance, the firm conducts quarterly reviews with the client’s printer usage data to provide ongoing improvement strategies on the printing workflows.

To ensure a continual optimization of the client’s printer fleet, we follow a threepronged strategy of analyzing, managing, and improving

The success of a large financial institution that worked with United Laser stands as a testament to their offerings. This regional bank includes over 190 branch locations and numerous regional offices. Over the last five years, they have experienced tremendous growth while acquiring other banks, each having their own choice of printer manufacturers. This caused an operational mess when all the individual banks started functioning together as one. United Laser stepped in and helped strategize the printer management, in addition to zeroing on the right manufacturer when the time came to replace devices. With over 1300 print devices operating, the client managed to consolidate all of their printer services with United Laser and provide an overall savings of over 20 percent on their print hardware, supplies, and solutions.

United Laser’s early successes brought customers with locations in all 50 states. This required United Laser to build one of the strongest service networks in the industry. Today, United Laser boasts a service network of over 3500 technicians that is entrusted by not only over 1,000 contracted customers, but also two major printer and copier manufacturers.

United Laser

Florence, SC

Chris Peebles, President

United Laser is a managed print solution (MPS) provider that focuses on giving its clients a united method of managing printing devices to deliver print solutions as efficiently, and effectively, as possible. United Lasers offers a broad range of MPSs that help their clients economize the printing while saving the time that could be spent in handling the nuances of printers. In addition to helping the firms handle the printers, team United Laser also takes it upon itself to help the client understand the minute technicalities in their printing fleet and best practices to attain the highest efficiency

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