UnitedLex: End-to-End Contract Management Service

Gone are the days when contracts were considered merely a legal document that archived the deal structure. As organizations have started to maximize the efficiency of their legal departments, they are adopting an Enterprise Contract Management (ECM) strategy instead of solely taking help from third party service providers. CIOs today seek the best-of-the breed ECM solutions that will walk them through the entire transaction process—from inception to final delivery, minimize business cost, protect revenue, and at the same time manage business risk. In this scenario, the Overland Park, Kansas-based company, UnitedLex is well-equipped with a repository of benchmark data, contract templates and policies is assisting clients with their end-to-end (E2E) contracting service. “Many corporations and law firms are not equipped to manage, analyze, and protect their data. They turn to us to help them reduce the cost of data management and analysis, specifically in the areas of intellectual property, contract management, litigation, regulatory and cyber breach services,” begins Dave Deppe, President, UnitedLex.

The firm’s ECM solution spans across the entire contract lifecycle—from pre-contacting activities, through post-award Obligations Management in both sales and procurement functions. Alongside, the company, by initiating processes like re-engineering and concepts like shared services is enabling customers to transform their contracting process. With more than 1500 dashboard metrics produced, clients are provided with easily accessible data and up-to-the-minute reporting which facilitate them to make better business decisions and improve outcomes. “Our solution helps customers to significantly reduce business cost while mitigating legal risk and maximizing early intelligence which can lead to quick settlements,” beams Deppe.

UnitedLex offers proprietary contracts platform which monitors multitude of contracting obligations and provides delivery certainty for clients having large contracts surrounding complex services and performance deliverables. The well-organized approach to obligation management allows customers to mitigate risk and protect revenue with the help of real-time insights and validate performance of their contracts.

The company also understands the requirement of customers to abide by the contractual obligations in a timely manner to maintain a solid and loyal customer base. Once, a Fortune 200 company wanted to identify, prioritize, and monitor its contract and regulatory obligations.

Our solution helps customers to significantly reduce business cost while mitigating legal risk and maximizing early intelligence which can lead to quick settlements

UnitedLex Corporation’s obligation management technology-enabled service combined automation and expertise to organize and segregate obligations by risk hierarchies and attributes. The client could seamlessly improve their assignments, alerts, and performance monitoring of high-risk obligations and compliance of stakeholders with the help of UnitedLex’s service. The customer also gained a secure, dynamic, and searchable repository alongside complete visibility on contracts and regulations, obligations, terms and Service-Level Agreements (SLAs).

Focused on empowering their clients through people, process and technology in order to meet business objectives, the company is planning to improve its growing Legal Business Solutions and Digital Contracting Solution groups and help them function more efficiently. Presently, the firm has also made heavy investments in cyber security risk solutions to protect their clients from cyber attacks. “We are highly focused on the use of Technologically Assisted Review and analytically based processes to provide accurate and defensible results at the lowest possible cost,” explains Deppe. “We will continue to expand our global footprint in additional markets across our entire solution set,” he concludes.


Overland Park, KS

Daniel Reed, CEO

Assisting enterprises achieve operational excellence in the design, negotiation and performance of commercial contracts