Unitellas International: Cost-effective and Enterprise-grade Edge Cloud and IT Infrastructure

Smith Osemeke, CEO, Unitellas International
Unitellas International, a Nigeria-based edge cloud and IT infrastructure provider, facilitates secure, dependable, and economical computing, network, and data storage solutions to service providers and government agencies in sub-Saharan Africa. It offers an entirely managed full-stack infrastructure-as-a-service solution that comprises on-premise, cloud, or hybrid computing, network, and storage services to empower regional service providers and telecos with the ability to offer affordable computing services and storage stability to their users. Its fully-managed solutions have helped its partners focus on their core business operations by relieving them from managing IT systems.

Unitellas’ computing, network, and storage services have assisted SMEs and large enterprises in offsetting the complex challenges associated with storing, transferring, and activating data. Its engineers maintain and monitor clients’ pertinent IT infrastructure as part of a fully managed service and periodically execute complimentary non-disruptive hardware updates. “With our solutions, data processing and storage are handled locally by the infrastructure we provide since data domestication and data sovereignty are of paramount importance,” says Smith Osemeke, CEO of Unitellas International.

Unitellas offers secure and cost-effective cloud computing resources on demand to its customers via the internet, which can be configured and optimized per the customer’s workload requirements. It provides a scalable workload-optimized system at a lower cost and faster pace than a self-managed or legacy solution that can pair with supporting services like load balancing, distributing the needed compute capacity based on application or network considerations. This substantially alleviates the infrastructural and financial risks of its customers.

Unitellas understands the value of virtualized and automated networking at cloud speed and offers a flexible and subscription-based NaaS service. As a service provider, it installs and operates relevant infrastructure and provides minimal latency and the ability to operate networks without maintaining an IT infrastructure.
The simplicity and transparency of the NaaS model make it an ideal networking solution for businesses to reduce network complexities and align network consumption with business objectives, leading to better financial metrics.

he service standards and brand value of international cloud service providers cause various Nigerian businesses to patronize them and increase expenditure on migrating data abroad. To compete with global cloud service providers in infrastructure, pricing, service delivery, and management, Unitellas collaborated with Zadara to offer cutting-edge infrastructure-as-a-service and enterprise storage-as-a-service solutions to regional manufacturers and service providers.

With our solutions, data processing and storage are handled locally by the infrastructure we provide since data domestication and data sovereignty are of paramount importance

Unitellas offers zCompute and zStorage as a part of its objective to reduce customers’ operational and capital expenditures. Its secure, dependable, and scalable zCompute solution comes with high-performance and flexible computing capabilities where users only pay for the resources they use. With the flexibility of zCompute, users can seamlessly relocate their computing resources to the cloud or move them closer to the data source. zStorage delivers data storage facilities to accommodate block, file, and object storage while handling demanding workloads and complying with complex data protection requirements. Unitellas offers these services without additional data migration costs or installing relevant infrastructure.

Africa’s burgeoning cloud market, historically dependent on international service providers, now has an indigenous solution that allows users to regulate, localize, and safeguard physical access to data and ensures data sovereignty.

Unitellas International

Lagos, Nigeria

Smith Osemeke, CEO, Unitellas International

An edge cloud native infrastructure as a service provider in sub-Sahara Africa.

Unitellas International