UniteU: Expanding The Boundaries Of Ecommerce

Soumen Das, Co-Founder & president
UniteU, located in Pittsford, NY, specializes in expanding the scope of traditional retail outlets into the world of multiple digital commerce channels. As it once used to be enough just to have a glossy online shop, it is clear to UniteU that in this expanding competitive world a website is no longer sufficient. With 14 years of experience in the business, they have been around since practically the birth of Internet shopping and this has led to them being at the forefront of ecommerce– providing not only ecommerce technology but new omnichannel services and solutions based on the changing world of consumer demands.

One of the biggest and most important changes over the last few years is the focus on providing a more consistent experience to consumers across the multiple touch-points and channels they interact with. These new developments have brought retailers to see their businesses not just as segmented touchpoints, but as an omnichannel operation that functions holistically.

One of the products UniteU has created to help retailers implement omnichannel across their business is their mobile point-of-sale application. uMobile POS™ is an application that runs on tablet devices. It helps to meld the online and in-store experience by acting as a digital retail assistant in the physical store, or even out of store at events. It can help customers and associates look up detailed product information, reviews, videos, etc. Essentially anything that would be available online is now available in the store and can be transacted on the spot. It also helps to quickly and securely checkout customers right in the aisle without having to wait in line at a stationary cash register. It is quite clear to most in the industry that integrating mobile solutions is going to be an important factor for growth over the next few years.
With the biggest online retailers already operating in this way, smaller and mid-sized businesses will soon follow.

Led by CEO Soumen Das, UniteU is a growing company that provides a service to some of the top 1,000 Internet retailers. It also hosts and manages the websites of some of the biggest names in the NBA right now. "We have leading solutions that are not just responsive but adaptive as well," says Das. This means that no matter the device a consumer is viewing the site on, it will adapt to the format and size of the user's screen. UniteU is implementing this in a way that circumvents any potential speed issues, so that the experience is fast and user friendly on any device.

Some of UniteU's new technologies in the works include showrooming solutions and an innovative price-matching technology that helps the bricks-andmortar retailer take back control of the showrooming already happening in their stores. Recently released and implemented by a few of UniteU’s larger retail clients who have many store locations is their multi-location inventory capabilities that further improve a business's omnichannel customer experience. Multi-location inventory sets the stage for best-in-class convenience by enabling services such as buy-onlinepick-up-in-store, searching for locations with nearby inventory online or via a mobile site, endless isle and much more.

Because of the team's deep understanding of highly technical and complex retail systems, UniteU carefully synchronizes retailers' systems across multiple platforms. The primary concern is the structural integrity of each company's system and architecture. UniteU is focused on providing a stable and cost effective service for its customers' growing omni-commerce needs.


pittsford, nY

Soumen Das, Co-Founder & president

UniteU specializes in expanding the scope of traditional retail outlets into the world of multiple digital commerce channels.