Unitrends: All-in-One Platform for Data Protection and Recovery

Dr. Mark Campbell, CMO & CTO
Virtualization has enabled companies to aptly manage storage, network and resources effortlessly. However, installing and maintaining backup software for each application on every virtualized server is a laborious task for the firms. Moreover, the chances of having overtaxed hardware resources and resulting performance issues are higher with virtualization. Unitrends, a Burlington, MA-based company, addresses this challenge by providing an array of solutions for enterprise backup, virtual backup, and disaster recovery. “Our robust solutions enable customers to protect their physical and virtual environment to adopt the virtualization platform without losing any data,” states Dr. Mark Campbell, CMO and CTO, Unitrends. The company delivers end-to-end protection and instant recovery of all virtual and physical assets.

Unitrends offers virtual protection at the both the hypervisor level for all virtual machines and at the guest operating system level on specified individual virtual machines.“The deep virtual solution was conceptualized for customers, in order to protect the data with less backup without freezing the entire infrastructure,” says Campbell. This feature reduces data that needs to be backed up through granular operating system and application level backup, enabling easy backup on apps with less stress on the system, as well as the snapshot in virtual environments.

“Our all-in-one solution adapts to any kind of infrastructure embedded in a customer’s environment, including virtualized Microsoft and VMware environments, as well as physical servers running Windows, Linux or legacy Unix operating systems. Our No Limit Licensing also brings down the chances to purchase extra backup products by offering all the required components under one roof,” claims Campbell. Unitrends’ solutions are deployed by construction, financial, hospitality, retail, insurance, and government organizations. Several clients have benefitted from their diligent work. For instance, a community bank wanted to transform their infrastructure into a virtual one. However, the transition to a virtual environment was only partially accomplished, leaving the bank in a complex situation with lack of reliability and scalability with a heterogeneous environment.

The bank deployed Unitrends Enterprise Backup, ReliableDR disaster recovery assurance and Nimble storage solution to automate and streamline the process in the virtualization environment.

This resulted in reduction of the recovery time and also allows the bank to carry out DR tests in the virtual systems. The client witnessed a sea change in their processes and successfully achieved their business goals. Unitrends’ realistic approach in saving the important IT resources has created self-assurance in the minds of IT professionals. “Our solution is capable of protecting everything that is deployed in an enterprise’s infrastructure at any given time,” notes Campbell. By providing industry leading support to IT administrators, Unitrends empowers IT to have confidence in their infrastructure.

The all-in-one solution adapts to any kind of infrastructure embedded in a customer’s environment, including virtualized Microsoft and VMware environments, as well as physical servers

With many success stories, Unitrends has chiseled a noteworthy stature in the virtualization market. When asked on the reliability of their deep virtual solution, Campbell says, “We have software known as ReliableDR that integrates in our cloud. This software monitors the disaster recovery environment and process and tests recovery every 15 minutes.”The unique product feature has enabled Unitrends to outshine competitors in the industry. “We support the industry using today's technology and focusing on future ones. Currently, Docker technology is on our radar too, which the industry may be utilizing in the long run,” he adds.

Moving ahead, Unitrends is planning to expand its horizon globally. “We are very clear on the geographic expansion of the firm, wanting to double up our channels with robust solutions,” says Campbell.


Burlington, MA

Dr. Mark Campbell, CMO & CTO

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