Universal E-Business Solutions: Reliable and Cost-effective Network Architecture Supporting Project

CIO VendorAnu Bhartiya, Founder & Managing Partner
Today, productivity at the workplace hinges on the ability to communicate quickly and effectively from various locations at any given time. Its importance can particularly be felt in the financial industry where not even the smallest errors are tolerated. Establishing itself as a solutions provider in such an environment is Universal E-Business Solutions, a New York-based company that offers network, consulting, support, and managed services to match the needs of financial operations. “Universal was born out of the collective experience of our senior management team, who were leading engineers in financial sector,” says Anu Bhartiya, Founder and Managing Partner, Universal E-Business Solutions.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) planning is a key tenet of Universal’s professional service portfolio which prepares financial organizations for unforeseen IT risks for uninterrupted operations. “Perhaps the only thing costlier than not having a well-developed BCDR plan is implementing one without a well-developed strategy,” remarks Bhartiya. One of Universal’s major successes has been road mapping these strategies for its customers, well before attempting to architect and execute them. The company’s remote operations staff integrates into its clients’ IT service management framework, producing a unified workflow in conjunction with the clients’ own staff, delivering seamless support of Cisco Unified Communications, Unified Computing System, Network, and Security—in turn building a strong BCDR infrastructure. “With the company’s expertise in complex and emerging networking architectures and being a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, Universal maintains and deploys Cisco equipment in financial network environments which are characterized by low tolerance for problems, slow-downs, or outages,” adds Bhartiya.

Its networking expertise in financial sector has helped Universal to expand its span of operations to a variety of business segments including healthcare and insurance, public sector, aviation, travel and retail services.

While many of our competitors are simply selling a box or a license, we are selling architecture, a method or a process

Across high-density workspaces and numerous devices, Universal brings various collaboration elements under one roof, as enhancing productivity, supporting enterprise growth, and face-to-face communication has never been easier with video and web conferencing. In one such example, Universal supported one of its clients, a large retailer, with its network infrastructure. The client operated more than 1100 brick and mortar locations in the U.S. along with a significant online presence. Multiple initiatives began accumulating across different lines of business, ultimately resulting in the need for a major overhaul in its IT operations. Approached by the retailer to build efficient network architecture, Universal developed a comprehensive network refresh project to address each of the customer’s needs and further improve and enable a technology posture.

“We retain the loyalty of old clients while driving the new ones in,” asserts Bhartiya. “The customers we started doing business with 10 years ago are still our clients,” he adds. The founder of the company attributes this success to the way the company operates. “We see ourselves ‘in the trenches’ with our customers. While many of our competitors are simply selling a box, or a license, we are selling architecture, a method or a process,” he says. As an example of continuously driving its relevancy to the market and clients, Universal will be launching Unified-Collaboration-as-a-Service (UCaaS) cloud service in 2015. “Also, we are already in the build phase of our Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS). This will open up yet another path for our clients’ entire UC suite of applications, extending financing models, operational models, and integration options,” concludes Bhartiya.

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Anu Bhartiya, Founder & Managing Partner

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