Up And Running: An Evolutionary Approach Through Revolutionary Technology

Josh Bush, President & CEO
When it comes to easy access of highly-skilled technology, infrastructure and project management, there is definitely a huge gap in the market place. Filling this void is a company called Up and Running which was established in 1999 by President and CEO, Josh Bush. Headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, Up and Running is a multipurpose technology firm, specializing in network integration, project management, and many other information technology solutions for Government and Private Sector. They focus on customer-oriented enterprise solutions that utilize state-of-the-art technologies and are based on the most modern methodologies. The company evaluates every client's specific requirements and business objectives, in order to recommend the most appropriate technologies.

Up and Running focuses on customer-oriented enterprise solutions, which goes hand in hand with their belief that business requirements should dictate the choice of a specific technology implementation. "With our approach, you can combine the Middleware technology that best supports your existing systems with the most modern GUI technologies. We believe it's an evolutionary approach using revolutionary technology," says Bush. "Our mission is to provide both turnkey enterprise solutions and the knowledge transfer services that enable our customers to become self-sufficient with distributed technologies including distributed object, component and message queuing technologies," he adds.

Up and Running's Integrated Project Management Control System (IPMCS) is a cloud-based collaboration and program/project management tool which can streamline any project and maximize productivity by managing it online.
IPMCS covers the total life cycle of a program and project from inception and allows project managers to create and coordinate daily work status reports in a web-based application, with automated email updates to ensure all stakeholders are well-informed of progress and milestone achievements. Thus, the IPMC System can be configured and customized in countless ways to fit the clientele requirements.

Up and Running provides a range of services from infrastructure, to project management and sustainment, medical staffing and software development, making the company stand apart from its competitors. Its proprietary methodologies and use of technology significantly reduces the cost of building and sustaining software systems. Their expertise in modernizing legacy systems derives fully articulated business requirements from the existing codebase and refractors them to meet modernization goals at a faster pace and at a significantly lower cost. "We also have experience with cutting edge technologies such as Business Rules engines implementation and SOA modernization. We focus on proper capture of customer requirements, validated by prototyping, storyboarding, and modeling. We build high assurance, high value systems within an expedited time frame and diminished cost by leveraging technology, proprietary methodologies, well-defined repeatable processes, and engineered to fit into the target architecture," explains Bush.

As current systems become increasingly reliant on software, the issues surrounding sustainment become more and more complex. Up and Running's sustainment services support every element of systems and products for their entire life cycle. In the coming years, Up and Running continues to provide comprehensive technical, operational and product support for their clients and continues to help them focus on their core business objectives.

Up And Running

Montgomery, AL

Josh Bush, President & CEO

Specialized in network integration, project management, and information technology solutions for government and private sector.