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Ghazal Qureshi, Co - Founder | CEO
The recent pandemic has fundamentally changed our education system in a way the education sector was entirely unprepared for. As classes transitioned to Zoom and other methods of online learning, many students struggled to acclimate to the sudden change. Recent research indicates a troubling trend - students, on average, are now developmentally behind seven to ten months. This COVID learning gap has continued to grow, as students struggle to engage with online classes. As we pass the first year anniversary of moving to online learning, it is high time we re-evaluate our approach.

In response to this COVID learning gap, UpBrainery has developed the state-of-the-art educational platform BrainLab. It comes with an immersive content building toolkit which is for use by educational institutions to develop engaging and immersive content. This translates to an amazing experience for students. “Use of voice, VR, and 3D models is how student engagement can be achieved and UpBrainery is providing these tools,” says Ghazal Qureshi, the CEO of UpBrainery Technologies. Inside of the BrainLab, students can find other pieces of emerging technology being put to use, including Artificial Intelligence, Gamification, and individualized learning pathways to enhance engagement and understanding of the content.

BrainLab applies data points collected from usage of the platform, including student interests, learning styles, skills gained, subjects explored, internships, and other academic and non-academic experiences, to help build specific guided pathways and manage alignment with intended career and college goals. The tool will help visualize paths as well as explore in real-time how alternative choices will affect goal attainment in a gamified manner. Based on goals set, the pathways adjust to show how certain choices can lead to alternate outcomes. This enables students and other stakeholders with the power of visualization and provides them with concrete tools. “With college readiness badges and technical certifications, this will be a true game changer in exploring and achieving career and academic goals,” states Qureshi.

Use of voice, VR and 3D modelling is how student engagement can be achieved and UpBrainery is providing these tools

As opposed to traditional LMS, BrainLab provides students guided pathways with multiple types of learning experiences and achievements, academic courses, enrichment activities, competencies, and skills gained via co-curricular activities, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities. It provides a goal planning & alignment tool that puts the decision power in the hand of a student. For instance, by partnering with UpBrainery, Whataburger pivoted from offering in-class content to use BrainLab and offer online courses for over 5,000 kids that were stuck at home with the nationwide school closures.

What differentiates UpBrainery is its software’s ability to use data points to help students visualize their goals and set a path to achieve them. “We connect the dots, identify knowledge gaps, and show students options on how to complete their desired educational pathways,” says Qureshi. For the future, UpBrainery is looking to provide tools to truly understand how students’ educational and non-educational choices impact their goals and post-high school experiences. Enhanced and Virtual Reality educational tools are also on the roadmap for 2021, as well as natural speech tutors to help intervene and allow students to engage 1:1. “We plan to continue impacting the educational landscape by providing students and parents with unprecedented equity and access to information and control over their educational journey,” concludes Qureshi.

UpBrainery Technologies

Woodlands, TX

Ghazal Qureshi, Co - Founder | CEO

UpBrainery’s BrainLab platform applies data points collected from usage of the platform including student interests, learning styles, skills gained, subjects explored, internships and other academic and non academic experiences