Upclick: Game Changing Payment Processing System

Michael Dadoun, CEO
In today’s highly competitive environment, where brands are shifting their focus from brick and mortar stores to online channels, the success of a business heavily depends on delivering a hassle free shopping experience to customers. In such a scenario, companies are looking for an easy-to-use platform that can connect to existing systems and add more value, while improving revenue, online sales, conversion and retention of customers. “To stay relevant and deliver a trouble-free payment process, companies require a platform that meets their payment gateway needs both from an Ecommerce and design multivariate marketing perspective,” reveals Michael Dadoun, CEO, Upclick. Built from the ground up, the Upclick platform simplifies online payment with an easy sign-up process and provides real-time processing through carts or virtual terminals. “At Upclick, we improve business metrics in terms of conversion, retention, revenue, and also support our customers in different markets by coming up with the right pricing and payment pages,” he adds. Under Dadoun’s leadership, Upclick’s state-of-the-art solutions have become the most sought-after among online merchants.

Based in Canada, Upclick has unrivalled industry expertise, the highest converting checkout pages, and an ever expanding team of specialists at the helm. “We operate on a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant virtualized environment to ensure resiliency, and scalability. We not only focus on payments, but also help our customers win in today’s competitive market,” states Dadoun.

The Upclick platform delivers payment processing effortlessly and assists e-commerce organizations with transactions and product delivery. The platform possesses a dynamic payment page where merchants can design checkouts that ensure a smooth transition from their site to the payment gateway. “We utilize analytics and a recurring module that helps enterprises manage their customer base and improve rebilling and recurring customer retention rates,” says Dadoun. The company’s multi-barrier testing platform allows clients to test different designs for their checkout process and product bundling packages—allowing customers to optimize the results based on targeted market traffic.

Our intelligent module allows merchants to improve cross-selling within the checkout process and add dollars to the average order

Among the other features, Upclick has a proprietary engine which allows cross-selling and up-selling to improve the average order value. “Our intelligent module allows merchants to improve cross-selling within the checkout process and add dollars to the average order,” asserts Dadoun.

The company also supports affiliate tracking and marketing, and handles stakeholder commission payments on behalf of the merchants. Upclick’s affiliate network provides the right tools to focus on the campaign strategy and results. For instance, a European customer with a strong utility product portfolio was facing challenges in generating growth, profit, and generating traffic from advertising and marketing. “We worked with them to improve their web page design and flow, incorporate efficient payment methods, and ultimately enhanced the checkout process,” says Dadoun. After adopting Upclick, the client immediately saw marked improvements in revenue of 15- 20 percent.

As a visionary in the e-commerce space, Dadoun’s beliefs in understanding customer challenges and developing real-time solutions have been passed on to the rest of the team. “At Upclick, we make sure that we turn around most of our customers’ demands in 24 hours,” states Dadoun. Additionally, the company invests heavily in innovation around monitoring consumer behavior and consistently upgrades its platform.

Forging ahead, Upclick plans to continue growing and supporting other verticals by offering innovative toolkits to its customers for easy integration. “From a geographic perspective, we aim to expand to Western Europe, the U.S., and Asia,” concludes Dadoun.


Montreal, Canada

Michael Dadoun, CEO

Provides customized e-commerce platform with expertise in sales funnel optimization and monetization for merchants in the digital goods and software industries.

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