UpNetworx: Providing Customized Network Telecom and Mobility Solutions for Businesses

Don Douglas, CEO
A crucial aspect of the job for every CIO is to modernize your network and telecom in a way that maximizes ROI and stays on or under budget. Recent advances in the networking, mobility, and cloud spaces allow companies to enjoy the increased efficiency and continuous flow of information essential for remaining competitive. However, given the ever-expanding array of technologies available in today’s market, selecting the proper path forward can be perplexing.

These days a one-size-fits-all telecom solution is rarely optimal. Instead, a customized solution carefully designed to address your company’s unique needs has greater long-term impact on productivity and the bottom line. So how do you determine this solution? That’s where UpNetworx comes in. “UpNetworx evaluates a client’s communication and data needs step by step to determine the trends that are ready to be introduced into their work space for maximum benefit,” says Don Douglas, CEO, UpNetworx.

Based in San Antonio, TX, UpNetworx offers tailor-made solutions for mobility, networking, expense management, security and cloud computing throughout the United States.“At UpNetworx, we provide our customers a competitive advantage by assisting in the business solutions that differentiate them in the marketplace and extend their reach to markets,” says Douglas.

UpNetworx offers the reliability and vast reach of AT&T network and communication solutions, coupled with the comfort of having a knowledgeable and responsive IT Business Adviser by your side. The experts at UpNetworx recommend and implement solutions, troubleshoot, and keep you informed of the newest products and trends to enable your company to achieve your business goals.

UpNetworx asks the right questions to learn your company’s aspirations and pain points before making recommendations. Industry trends, government policies, regulatory issues and consumption patterns are all taken into account. Once an UpNetworx solution is fully implemented, your company will achieve increased customer satisfaction, a solid ROI, and a trusted single point of contact to turn to for IT recommendations in the future.
“We develop a lasting relationship with our clients that go beyond just offering solutions,” remarks Douglas.

Our goal is to give all of our customers a competitive advantage by providing business solutions that can differentiate them in the marketplace

Recently UpNetworx assisted a legal firm in addressing the IT problems plaguing them namely slow network speed and poor voice clarity due to aging hardware. After discussions with the firm, UpNetworx designed and implemented an upgrade whereby the existing phone service was replaced by a secondary network and a Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network (DMVPN) was installed. The result? A 300 percent increase in bandwidth for the same monthly cost the client previously paid. UpNetworx’s willingness to educate the firm on the benefits of Convergence Communication proved key to the equation.

In another instance, UpNetworx designed and implemented an intricate cloud network for an analytical company to address their challenges managing Big Data. Hybrid and private cloud solutions were deployed in their data center, allowing the client to build extra capacity quickly and economically on an as-needed basis.

UpNetworx detects and resolves underlying problems not just the symptoms. It’s a differentiator that is a source of pride for its CEO. “We always ask ourselves how our clients can be more competitive and better manage their workforce. We are seen as a true value addition and not just a provider”, Don says with a smile.


San Antonio, Texas

Don Douglas, CEO

IT business advisor and provider of network, voice, data, and cloud solutions.