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CIO VendorRob McDougall, President
Customer service is an extremely influential factor, on the customer’s perception of a company, and the contact center is the front line for providing service. Issues revolve around Omnichannel management and First Contact Resolution (FCR), and Rob McDougall, the President of Upstream Works Software explains how Upstream Works helps: “We focus on providing interaction management tools that make every customer interaction visible, accountable and controllable to simplify management and to improve customer loyalty.”

Businesses often lack the necessary tools to identify a customer’s concerns and to resolve them before they escalate into a service issue. “If you have the context of every inter¬action, regardless of how the customer contacts you, then you can use that information to provide better service and improve processes.” explains McDougall.

Upstream Works’ award winning agent desktop, UpStart Contact Center Agent (UCCA) assists in collecting the cus¬tomer context and providing information back to the business to improve customer service. UCCA automates and coordinates screen pop into multiple applications and workflows based on the customer’s prior experience and cur¬rent needs. It acts as an assistant for the agent by providing customer information produc¬tivity, tools in a responsive and easy to use interface. But UCCA doesn’t stop there.

UCCA collects the basic interaction details and automatically feeds them to Up¬stream Works’ Business Interaction Manager (BIM). That information helps businesses improve management processes, and provides visibility on re¬source utilization. “We col¬lect the basic information on every customer inter¬action `live’, to create an easy-to-use analytics and customer history reposi¬tory”, says McDougall. The caller’s historical context allows agents to deal with situations appropriately. “BIM, is a new data source which has the breadcrumbs of every interaction to provide performance metrics on agents, customers, and business units,” says McDougall.
Over the last few years, channel fragmentation has ad¬versely affected customer satisfaction. BIM eliminates the real management silos between different applications or channels such email, chat, or even off queue manual work items. “BIM gives you a ton of information you can use for process improvement right across the organization, reducing handle times, training time, and improving FCR,” remarks McDougall.

An Upstream Works’ client needed a uniform measure of agent productivity across their 21 contact centers, all of which ran on dissimilar technologies. The data from BIM provided detailed and consistent FCR information per con¬tact type across all sites and for each agent. Analysis of the data resulted in continued improvements, and allowed them to reduce overall incoming call volumes by over 20 percent.

Understanding why people have to call you again is the first step in solving the problem

Upstream Works’ also provides a thin client version of their smart agent desktop application for the Cisco contact center environment, called Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF). UWF provides the same benefit set as UCCA with the same BIM back end. With a real-time Omnichannel view of every interaction, the agent benefits from the interaction context and customer history capabilities, as well as addi¬tional performance improvement tools. At the same time the business benefits from a consistent set of management tools across all channels of communication in use.

“Upstream Works’ goal is to simplify a complex prod¬uct set into an easy-to-use, single pane of glass for a contact center agent.” concludes McDougall.

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