Uptown Network: A Startup is Surprising with Success in the Industry's Top Hospitality Brands

What surprised us about Uptown Network is how far under the radar they continue to remain.

Our research and calls with them confirm that they work with Darden / The Capital Grille, Disney Cruise Lines, Waldorf Astoria, Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Hilton, Hard Rock, Shula’s Steakhouses and many other prominent brands.

Their iPad and mobile menu system have documented success in increasing signature drinks, entrée, wine, dessert and cigar sales. The highest documented percentage increase for one item is 227 percent, the highest total revenue increase is from approximately $5,000,000 to $6,000,000 (a 20 percent total increase), the highest total sales increase is 33 percent (a lobby lounge at a four-diamond property). Uptown assures and we have verified that references are available.

“We call it the Uptown Advantage, which includes great online reviews, fantastic guest experiences, excellent restaurant efficiencies, and integrated sustainability,” says Jack Serfass, the co-founder, and CEO of Uptown Network. What adds the cherry atop this cake is that Uptown has successfully applied this concept to over 100 different restaurant concepts.

Having a unique blend of culinarians and techies under its belt, the Uptown team has always been up-to-date with the predicaments existing in the restaurant business and has thus taken its solution to the next level. “Paper-based operations in the restaurant industry don’t only undermine the customer relation, but also hamper the internal operations of streamlining different checklists such as inventory sheets and recipe cards. Uptown has been able to digitalize operations through mobile devices which deliver not only unparalleled customer experience but also an augmented inventory tracking expertise and reduced shipping costs,” mentions Serfass. Uptown’s solution works both ways.

We call it the Uptown Advantage, which includes great online reviews, fantastic guest experiences, excellent restaurant efficiencies, and integrated sustainability

Not only does it offer an interactive and searchable interface for the customers, but it also allows restaurants to edit the menus on the fly, reflecting new items, prices, specials, and availability, without having to launch an entire reprinting. The biggest value proposition that the firm offers, according to Serfass, is the customer experience, which leads to an improved restaurant review on social media. In addition, by implementing and integrating sustainable digital practices in all aspects of its business, Uptown helps conserve and promote the future of the restaurant business.

On the inventory management side, Uptown’s Mobile Inventory saves time and money, improves accuracy, and integrates inventory by eliminating the need for data re-entry. Restaurants can cross-reference past inventories and view cost-price statistics, which enhances efficiency. Unlike its competitors who offer various apps to digitalize the restaurant operations, Uptown has developed a network, which provides enterprise scalability and optimum security.

A successful entrepreneur who has founded four companies, including Uptown Network, Serfass’ experience of transforming the original Naples Tomato restaurant from a mom-and-pop operation to one of the country’s best restaurants, has helped Uptown to build vibrant client relationships over the years. Moving forward, Serfass believes that his company will be at the forefront of driving innovation where digital menus can be connected to social media. Uptown also aims at integrating virtual reality with the digital hospitality platform and lead the industry toward a digitalized future.

Uptown Network

Naples, FL

Jack Serfass, Co-Founder & CEO

Uptown Network is changing the ways that guests interact with restaurant’s menus

Uptown Network