Urben: Revamping Boardroom Conferences

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A workspace is incomplete without its meeting room, a.k.a. boardroom, ideation room, or innovation lab. Traditionally, if one had to conjure an imagery of a boardroom, they would have visualized large mahogany desks, leather chairs, and a projector with screen to display a PowerPoint presentation. And usually, this room would be used once or twice in a quarter for board meetings of directors from around the globe. For all those other days of the year, the projector, gooseneck microphones, and super-slick control panel of the meeting room would remain idle. Well, not anymore! Today, workplace trends and new technologies are transforming almost every aspect of the modern workplaces—and it starts with the boardroom. “Leading-edge audiovisual (AV) devices for presentations and conference calls have become the linchpin of the modern, digitalized workplace, and when it comes to meeting room solutions, no one has turned heads and made waves in the market quite like Cisco,” begins Mike Entwistle, CEO at Urben, a California-based meeting room solution provider. Riding on the same innovation bandwagon, Urben is on a mission to provide simple, effective, and scalable AV solutions to firms, thereby carrying ahead the Cisco’s telepresence legacy.

Today, organizations are looking for scalable AV equipment solutions that can serve multiple purposes in a meeting room, such as audio and video conferencing, and collaborative data sharing, among others. To add to it, almost every company boasts a globalized workforce that needs to stay connected at all times for brainstorming new ideas and contriving new solutions, and Urben is making this collaboration simple, streamlined, and very effective.

Urben’s prowess in the AV solutions business lies in its highly customizable metal frames that are capable of integrating video conferencing solutions like Cisco Webex room kits, and Zoom Rooms, with screen sizes ranging from 49-98 inches. This solution also works well for building internal media walls without altering an office’s architectural structure. This Urben bundled system comprises a set of complete wired, tested, and approved boardroom conferencing solutions that are ready to plug-and-play. That said, a key factor that sets Urben apart from peers in the market is its aspect of being a technology-agnostic solution provider, thus offering umpteen configuration and customization possibilities.

Of the numerous clients who have benefited from Urben’s scalable, versatile, and comprehensive AV solution, a Bristol-based artificial intelligence organization proves an apt example. As Urben embarked on a journey to upgrade the AI firm’s meeting rooms, they went on to rework 20 rooms of varying sizes to house Urben’s AV solutions, with no fuss. Urben finished the task at hand, in record time, with little or no project delivery headaches and significant cost savings.

Leading-edge audiovisual (AV) devices for presentations and conference calls have become the linchpin of the modern, digitalized workplace, and when it comes to meeting room solutions, no one has turned heads and made waves in the market quite like Cisco

Thus, Urben gave the customer an ideal template solution for future growth an expansion around the world.

Entwistle, recollecting the journey of Urben so far, states, “We started Urben just over two years ago and are excited with the feedback that we have heard from our clients and global partners.” Working with leading-edge remote conferencing service providers like Cisco and Zoom, Urben is aiming to extend the range of their solution offerings and develop newer and more versatile frames on an ongoing basis. Also, with the advent of the super slim high-resolution screens for meeting rooms, Entwistle is in the process of creating an equally-aesthetic and stable frame that adds to its elegance, while enhancing the existing video conferencing features. To sum up, Entwistle hints on developing different types of solutions that can support Urben’s bundled systems for any kind of company.


Santa Clara, CA

Mike Entwistle, CEO

Founded in 2005, Urben specializes in design, development, and delivery of a range of collaborative meeting room solutions for enterprise clients. Headquartered in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, Urben with a team of engineers with real world experience make solutions that works consistently, reliably and intuitively. Urben uses the standard core of engineering platforms, and delivers standardized scalable solutions to its clients. Urben specializes in audio visual conferencing, workspace design, boardroom design, technology, collaboration, unified communications, meeting room design, zoom room and huddle room