uReveal: Conquering Beyond Big Data

Ren Mohan, Co-Chairman & CTO
Big Data is the rage and everyone talks about it. But adoption of solutions has been very limited because of the cumbersome and expensive challenges of the current IT paradigm. uReveal’s revolutionary approach solves the problem. The company’s software removes the costly and time-consuming IT process, producing quicker, simpler and best real time results—at a dramatically reduced cost and effort.

Through bypassing the complex process of data normalization and ETL, we reduce the customers’ burden of being reliant on IT

Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, uReveal’s patented technologies enable users to harmonize vast amounts of data without costly and time-consuming extraction, transformation, or duplication. The company’s solution can turn any subject matter expert into a data scientist without having to understand the technological aspects of deriving data. This would allow them to establish business rules dynamically at the analysis level, and not at the code level. Charles Clarkson, Chairman and CEO of uReveal, states, “If you consider the current scenario of Big Data, there is data, the IT component in the middle, and then the user. We dramatically simplify the process because we allow the user to deal with the data directly by harmonizing disparate data with our software. From the user point of view, it’s quicker and more accurate, and they can use data in its natural form at a much lower cost.”
uReveal permits the user to gain data coming from distinct sources regardless of type, structure, location, or even quality. The company empowers nontechnical users to find, define, collaborate, and analyze information they need in ways which were once assumed unrealistic. Through bypassing the complex process of data normalization and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), Reveal reduces the burden of being reliant on IT. Competitors of the firm often practice the usage of Hadoop platform, which is ETL driven. But uReveal shuns the IT process, allowing the user to deal with data directly.

Ren Mohan, Co-Chairman & CTO comments, “You need not know the language called SQL, nor do you need to know SPARQL, or how joins are done. With our platform, any individual without technical knowledge can access the kind of data they are looking for.”

uReveal provides capabilities that support enterprisewide analysis and sharing of information and insights without the need to move data. The company’s clients include several federal agencies, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, multiple fusion centers and large financial institutions. A major agency implemented uReveal’s solution for its large ongoing audit review process. The agency had a team of analysts who dedicated their efforts to reviewing these audits. With uReveal’s solutions, the auditing process was automated and precise results were attained within a short span of 15 minutes, while the standard process took 30 days. Clarkson comments, “This process is not only auditing numbers or the quantitative part but it also deals with the qualitative part. We did the complete footnote analysis for the client—which is a critical component of any audit process—indicating the challenges and weaknesses of their report.”

The company is now diversifying by putting more emphasis on the non-government arena, with a particular focus on the financial and healthcare sectors.


Jacksonville, FL

Ren Mohan, Co-Chairman & CTO and Charles Clarkson, Chairman and CEO

uReveal’s patented technologies enable users to harmonize vast amounts of data without costly and time-consuming extraction.