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Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, CEO
In the age of connectivity, business executives can access internet from anywhere and anytime on the go. However, booming data roaming charges affect every average businesses traveler, leading to data usage blockages. A recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) survey reveals that 30 million Americans—or one in six mobile users—experience “bill shock,” a sudden, unexpected increase in monthly mobile bills. BYOD, being the trendsetter, such constant bill hikes often hampers business productivity. “Today, about 70 percent of employees on business tours actively switch off data usage to avoid bill shocks, which regretfully reduces their productivity whilst traveling,” explains Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, CEO, Uros. “Additionally, using freely available Wi-Fi is risky as it can compromise security and make data vulnerable to all kinds of viruses, malware, and identity theft.”

Minimizing data roaming charges and bill shocks, Finland-based UROS (Uni-fi Roaming Solutions) developed a unique device that allows global wireless internet access enabling travelers to stay online anywhere anytime. The telecom services company offers patented 4G Goodspeed mobile hotspots and a global roaming platform that steers and monitors the corporate mobile devices remotely connected via M2M while traveling. Goodspeed works as a personal wireless hotspot enabling the travelers to access the mobile network of a country they are traveling to.“The roaming solution converts the local 4G to a Wi-Fi connection using the mobile network and allows users to get connected to the fast network available locally,” notes Konijnenberg.

Besides extending connectivity, UROS allows corporate customers to log in to its cloud platform, Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi, to monitor their fleet of mobile devices, track their data consumption in real-time, curbing down the connectivity and roaming charges.“Enhancing the management of mobile devices, our global roaming solution provides the CIOs with total control over their data usage,” assures Konijnenberg.

Today, about 70 percent of employees on business tours actively switch off data usage to avoid bill shocks, which regretfully reduces their productivity whilst traveling

The broad takeaway of UROS global roaming solution is that it can hold up to ten SIM cards with which globetrotters can easily access their Goodspeed online with wider internet connectivity in remotest of locations. Customers can attach fifteen devices at a time to Goodspeed for faster data consumption. The firm customizes its roaming solution and understands the customer’s roaming roadmap by evaluating parameters like location a user is in and the volume of data consumed by their devices. Goodspeed can be offered either as a standalone service or in combination with an organization’s existing mobile subscriptions.

Catering to MNOs and MVNOs, UROS has currently presence in over 150 nations across the globe via roaming agreements with the top-notch network operators. Breaking the despotism of the conventional phone networks, the company assists its clients to overcome extortionate data rates to enhance savings, productivity, security, connectivity management, and real-time reporting. “Our CIO data costs went from €1000 per month to less than €200, and Goodspeed manages the SIM cards so we don’t have to worry about any of that,” reveals Olli Hyyppä, CIO of UROS’s client, NXP Semiconductors where their employees have to travel a lot between Europe and U.S.

UROS understands the criticality of speed for business success and looks forward to extend faster connectivity to its clients with 5G technology. “We also plan to work on securing connectivity, and with APN filtering, we want to help our clients to curb down roaming expenses spent on other than corporate communication,” concludes Konijnenberg.


Oulu, Finland

Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, CEO

Provider of global roaming solutions with personal wireless hotspot