Ursa Information Systems: An ERP System for Accelerated Business Success

Gregory Mader, President
“Demand for IT innovation and transformation has never been greater,” says Gregory Mader, President, Ursa Information Systems. The cloud, mobile, e-commerce, and business intelligence technologies are empowering smaller companies to better compete with larger enterprises. However, with relatively flat IT budgets to undertake innovations, CIOs are under pressure to bring real business change along with cost control and efficient management of projects. Mader believes that in such a landscape, it is worth adopting Open Source Software (OSS) which drives faster evolutionary development. “An open source, commercially supported enterprise solution is less expensive than the commercial alternatives,” adds Mader. The ‘openness’ of OSS will help companies to rapidly see the code, fix bugs, or modify it according to their requirements. To fulfill these requisites, Ursa—an open source software company—provides strategic consulting, risk mitigation, and ERP implementation services to businesses. The company collaborates with customers to align the technology options with their business goals and constraints through analysis, optimization, automation, and transition.

Showing a strong preference toward OSS, Ursa has developed a profound and trusted partnership with Odoo—a provider of opensource enterprise management applications. “We have expertise in Odoo electronic data interchange (EDI) integration, geo enabling Odoo features, and business process re-engineering for customers,” asserts Mader. The company also offers e-commerce services for Odoo and Magento- an open-source content management system for e-commerce websites.

Ursa has deep roots in business process analysis, leading to precise and targeted technical solutions. The company offers services like ‘Rent-a-CIO’ for companies that need augmentation in strategic IT planning or execution teams. In many implementations, Ursa integrates Odoo with new or existing systems, using Enterprise Services bus, Point to Point, or EDI integration methods.

Ursa also delivers integrated project management, which includes risk and change management, and business process design. Remarkable capabilities of the company include ‘modeling a business’ to help organizations avoid catastrophes and designing systems for high availability requirements.
Specializing in business intelligence and business analytics, Ursa has geospatially enabled ERP data for asset management and marketing purposes.

“We have developed a methodology in Odoo implementation services that has proven to be successful for organizations in manufacturing, services, and retail markets,” says Mader. For instance, the Frew Process Group— specializing in selling and distributing industrial components-had an inefficient software to support their business operations. They were in need of a solution that could increase their competitive advantages in sales, visual mapping capabilities, and effective delivery of tracking tools. The client engaged with Ursa to implement Odoo for building a complete ERP system. As a result, the Frew Team could successfully use Odoo for accounting, sales, inventory management, and CRM.

We have expertise in Odoo electronic data interchange (EDI) integration, geo enabling Odoo features, and business process reengineering for customers

Being an OSS company, Ursa enables customers to run and modify software to suit their particular needs, as well as collaborate with other companies to further enhance it. “Our approach is to partner with companies to find tools, solutions, and staff for building key systems,” cites Mader. This approach is evident from the company’s logo—Ursa Major—which has elements of celestial imagery blended with structured networks and the strength and independence of the bear. The logo brings out the similarities between organic foundations of human interaction and the nature that can be leveraged to achieve greatness.

Ursa uses this approach to reduce risks for themselves and customers alike, delivering a competitive advantage. Going forward, Ursa intends to continue investing in developing competitive business consulting tools and also plans to leverage big data. “We aim to be proficient in transformational technologies and help our customers in uncertain situations,” concludes Mader.

Ursa Information Systems

Redlands, CA

Gregory Mader, President

Provides business consulting and ERP implementations to small and medium sized businesses through Open Source Software.