Usablenet: Offering UX Expertise to Improve Mobile Experience

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For a lot of companies, the focus on mobile has been driven aggressively by consumers, who embrace innovative devices. Increasingly, new technologies remodel the way companies interact with customers. The impact of mobile is becoming more evident within the enterprise. For many organizations, enterprise mobility is not only bridging the gap between a mobile workforce and the physical office, but also enabling secure access to corporate data and systems from mobile devices.

The enterprise faces many challenges while implementing an effective enterprise mobility strategy. Scalability is a major hurdle for companies. With the diverse range of end user devices available on the market, combined with the current range of mobile platforms, the choice of device and platform to support can be complex. So, the increasing demand for rapid application development and deployment requires an investment in skilled technical and operational resources. “If your user communities do not find the applications intuitive, attractive and easy-to-use, there will be a reluctance to adopt and fully utilize the value of any application,” affirms Nick Taylor, CEO of Usablenet.

This is where Usablenet comes in. Being a mobile technology leader for over two decades, the company supports the world’s leading brands to create unique mobile experiences on smartphones, tablets, and kiosks. “By using our mobile technology platform, expert UX resources, and API Services, companies can successfully leverage the power of mobile within the enterprise,” he adds.

Usablenet offers its clients end-to-end services and a proven process to imagine, design, and build mobile experiences. “At the core, we are a mobile technology company with capabilities like UX research and testing methodologies, enterprise and API services, and U-Develop—a Platform-as-a-Service offering for internal client development—that help organizations meet their goals in mobile,” says Taylor. The company offers capabilities and services in mobile development, analytics, QA, and UX
Research and Design. In addition, companies can secure access to expert technical resources for on-site support.

Through the combination of UX expertise and powerful technology platform, the company creates mobile experiences that improves user engagement and deliver results.

Taylor also explains that businesses are struggling with ways to create contextual experiences on different screens. Usablenet’s U-Experience platform solves this issue by acting as the engine to create differentiated experiences on any mobile device. The platform has been engineered to draw content from diverse sources— such as APIs or web sites—and optimize it for various browsers, operating systems and devices. Usablenet’s API services create and delivers web services and RESTful APIs to help clients extend mobile features and functionality into multiple applications. U-Experience enables flexibility and agility in creating, deploying, and maintaining mobile sites and apps.

We offer our clients end-to-end services and a proven process to imagine, design and build mobile experiences

Various firms across the industries have used Usablenet’s solution for betterment of their workflows. A robust example of how the company helps clients achieve scale is demonstrated by how they supported a suite of apps for a successful European fashion retailer with over 18 brands. Usablenet built an app that scaled to these brands by designing a common UI container that could be repopulated by changing the backend APIs. As a result, clients have additional flexibility to customize the app and make adjustments on the fly without submitting changes to the app store. The solution has allowed each brand to customize the content, experience, and branding for their individual apps.

Going forward, Usablenet will expand its capability and tools to empower client to have more control and ability to build a greater range of mobile experiences. “We are ready to exploit the opportunities that will come from wearables and IoT. We bring our knowledge and mobile expertise to every industry and to clients of every size,” concludes Taylor.


Nick Taylor CEO

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