UserZoom: Winning Customers through Agile Usability Testing and Analytics

Alfonso De La Nuez, CEO
“In this digital age, businesses strive to monitor and discern all behavior along the customer journey,” begins Alfonso De La Nuez, CEO, UserZoom. The statement of De La Nuez points to the significance of usability testing and user experience in the epoch of fierce business competition. While in such scenarios, companies are deploying specific tools to gain insights and prune any product flaws–and the providers of usability testing solutions are doing their bit by enabling enterprises with power of automation and direct contact with end-users. “As a vendor, we have to maximize the power of automation and deliver insights at light speed to expedite the process of decision making for customers,” says De La Nuez. San Jose, California based UserZoom enables businesses to plan, research, design, and measure Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX), on a unified software platform.

“Our all-in-one UX research software automates the more tedious aspects of usability testing, which empowers our customers to do more with less,” states De La Nuez. UserZoom enables clients to define a set of rules to conduct usability studies and examine end-users based on various parameters. “The clients can quickly and cost-effectively conduct a usability study through our cutting-edge technology and aggregate all the pertinent information,” says De La Nuez. The software allows companies to record participants’ screens, audio, behavior data, clickstreams, usability metrics, survey answers and more. The automation-driven software allows performing usability testing in moderated as well as unmoderated studies. The unmoderated mode is an economical way to conduct usability studies in which the participants receive instructions before or during the test and UserZoom’s testing product gathers the required information and eventually provides the results. “Dashboards endue clients with real-time visibility into statistics, charts, videos, and sharable results of the study,” states De La Nuez.

The level of automation can be gauged from the example of video labeling. If the client is watching videos from a usability study, UserZoom’s system automates the process, labeling videos according to specific user behavior for particular performances such as Success or Abandon. Eventually, the software analyzes and collects data to help clients gain actionable results.

The clients can quickly and cost-effectively conduct a usability study through our cutting-edge technology and aggregate all pertinent information

“By connecting end-users through the cloud to our systems to automatically collect data, clients are empowered to gain insights with very little manual effort,” says De La Nuez.

Furthermore, UserZoom is also known for its ability to recognize the significance of dedicated participants in user-testing studies. “We have a robust group of panelists at our disposal through our IntelliZoom offering,” states Robin Richardson, VP of Marketing. “Customers can leverage our panel, their own users, or third party panel vendors.” UserZoom entitles customers with rich analytical information in usability and also offers them in-depth knowledge of user-experience design. “Unless you are magician, it is difficult to design and build great user experience without testing the users,” states De La Nuez.

In one implementation highlight, a beverage giant wanted to test their intranet and internal applications with their global workforce. After deploying UserZoom’s usability testing solution, the client could ensure an enhanced on-boarding experience, optimized levels of user-experience in its intranet and applications, and for the first time was able to analyze the relationship between employee retention and the user experience of their toolset.

Success stories such as this drive UserZoom to continuously enhance its offerings and address new, real life challenges–the company continuously invests in innovative concepts, such as remote eye tracking and emotional recognition in its product line to take the customers into modern era of usability testing. “Soon, we will launch the platform and release our upgraded user-experience solution to empower user-experience professionals around the globe,” concludes De La Nuez.


Alfonso De La Nuez, CEO and Robin Richardson, VP of Marketing

Enables businesses to plan, research, design, and measure Customer Experience and User Experience, on a unified software platform