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CIO VendorSajan Pillai, CEO
Driven by a strong sense of entrepreneurship, Sajan Pillai, CEO, UST Global has made it a habit to take the road less travelled and adopt radically different approaches. Over the years, Pillai has steered UST Global into becoming one of the leading providers of end-to-end IT services and solutions. Straying from the norm of increasing one’s client base, the company believes it is far more important to deliver superior value to customers, rather than providing subpar services to large client base. With this customer-centric approach and industry-leading expertise, UST Global offers pragmatic IT solutions that enable a number of Fortune 100 companies worldwide to consistently achieve their business objectives.

“Our services have evolved from being predominantly technology based to being driven by business outcomes,” says Pillai. UST Global’s comprehensive range of services includes business analysis, data management, mobility, data integration, custom application design and more. In the SAP arena, the company’s expertise spans around SAP Travel OnDemand services and SAP CRM implementations. Their know-how cut the production time of companies in half and helps them act swiftly and move into new areas of growth. Apart from building and managing applications and infrastructure, they also provide expertise in the area of quality assessment to help companies manage their quality and ensure governance.

We create jobs, we train and invest in human capital development, and we spur technology and innovation

Having partnered with SAP to implement SAP Travel OnDemand for various organizations, UST Global handles implementation, data migration, integration with non-SAP systems, as well as testing, deploying and training, helping organizations focus on their objectives. These services are tuned to support the fast-paced implementations expected from SaaS. Being an SAP OnDemand co-creation partner, they offer indepth knowledge, product insights and value added services that bring cost savings to clients.

Among the numerous companies UST Global worked with, is a global manufacturing company that needed to streamline its processes in the highly competitive and regulated environment. In order to integrate operations across its three manufacturing units, the company opted for SAP’s Advanced Business Applications Programming (ABAP) methodology in an SAP ECC 6.0 environment. They needed a real-time view of their inventory across stages, efficient plant and logistic operations with price control, to increase productivity and ensure timely deliveries. UST Global utilized their deep SAP expertise and deployed the ABAP methodology in two phases. UST Global’s team created user-defined tables such as “Parameter Value Master” and “Article Delivery Master” to meet client’s DDIC needs, while generating reports, updating those tables and downloading data into the application server. They used batch data communication sessions to upload the Material Master data and created a business application programming interface for uploading data to SAP. Today, the client has standardized information management and reporting across the organization, leading to increased web visibility to customer and vendors, and timely order deliveries.

Having grown by leaps and bounds, UST Global created more than 3200 jobs in the U.S. when unemployment was at its peak. With their recently launched Step It Up America Program, they intend to create 5000 new jobs for inner city women by 2020. “We create jobs, we train and invest in human capital development, and we spur technology and innovation,” says Pillai. “We want to be known for having disrupted the social ecosystem in a positive manner.” They are also focused on expanding global reach and adding to the long list of countries they already have operations in; most recently, the company opened its first global delivery center in Shanghai.

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Sajan Pillai, CEO

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