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Sven Kolb, Managing Director
Imagine a customer calling the customer care in the event of a car breakdown in the middle of a highway. The redressal process begins with the agent posing several basic questions on the car’s specifications, and then hunting through various documents to resolve the issue. The period between the car breakdown and resolution is extremely taxing for the customer and the service center agent. What if the service center agent could access all the information of the customer and the car within seconds of the call? The problem could be resolved in the first minute, thereby, delighting the customer. USU Unymira’s (a division of USU) Knowledge Center, a knowledge management platform, is making this possible for an automobile manufacturer, in nearly 60 countries worldwide. USU Unymira, a German-based IT and knowledge management solution provider is making waves in the knowledge management space and Sven Kolb, the managing director explains how his firm is making this happen while addressing the challenges faced by organizations.

What are the challenges prevalent in the market concerning knowledge management? How is Unymira solving these predicaments?

Today, organizations strive to meet key performance indicators (KPI), such as first contact resolution rate and average handling time, to ensure better client satisfaction. With over hundreds of client success stories in the service delivery arena over the last two decades, Unymira has brought a massive shift in the way knowledge management is perceived. We focus on providing an ACTIVE knowledge database and omni-channel knowledge platform that aligns with the client requirements. Unymira’s Knowledge Center acts as a hub for information gathered from different sources, such as Wiki, SharePoint, internal documents, and online resources. The Knowledge Center organizes and manages all the information present in the hub, allowing the users to search required information using keywords, rather than going through a plethora of documents stored in the database. Over the years, we have made it possible for companies of all sizes and industries to achieve service automation by democratizing quick access to knowledge to the customers and the agents.

Tell us about your deployment strategy. And how do clients benefit from the solution after deployment?

Unymira’s expertise makes it possible to deploy Knowledge Center in the client’s premise in 6-8 weeks, providing the customer access to a fully functional knowledge database for their service centers.
The clients can leverage the customer self-service modules to provide customer care on their website or through social media platforms. Additionally, we can use the database to create chatbots ensuring round-the-clock customer service. By exploring the massive datasets, the chatbot makes it possible to provide service automation, which elevates the customer service.

Can you explain how Unymira’s e-learning module helps your customers? Also, could you provide an exemplification of how Knowledge Center helps organization?

E-learning is one of our most promising modules available in the Knowledge Center. This module can be better understood through a case study where we helped an Austrian service center to improve their service quality. With new products entering the market, it was imperative for the service center agents to be up-to-date with these developments to provide better customer support. The Knowledge Center’s e-learning module made it possible to provide classroom learning with active document technology. As an extension to learning, the service center agents were given tests to check their understanding of the products. Through this service, the service center ensured higher call resolution rates. In another instance, a client that was working with over 15,000 documents was able to harness Unymira’s active document and Knowledge Center technology, bringing down the magnitude to 1,500 documents. This significantly reduced the call handling time, increased resolution rate, and tremendously reduced the editorial effort.

As we are nearing the end of 2018, what is on the cards for the company in 2019?

In 2019, we plan to launch the Knowledge Cloud that brings together the information from their Knowledge Centers globally. Using Knowledge Cloud, we can reduce deployment time from 6-8 weeks to 2-3 weeks—less than half the duration. In addition, Unymira intends to offer Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) verification for clients, which adds to their brandvalue. Skill-based routing will be added as well to ensure that customer queries received from different channels is assigned to agents based on their skills.

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Sven Kolb, Managing Director

Unymira is the one stop shop for digital customer service solutions. Our comprehensive knowledge management platform is unique on the market, offering decision trees, artificial intelligence, self-service, chatbots, social media integration and more. "Unymira offers products and services that are designed to cater to many different industries including, call centers and contact centers, telecom companies, insurance companies, and transportation companies with a large amount of institutional knowledge