Utility Cloud: Empowering Operations with Next-Gen EAM Platform

Over the last several years, industries that rely heavily on the effective enterprise asset management (EAM) such as water, waste water, and storm water; street, traffic, and transportation; parks recreation, and cemetery; electric, gas, and telco; and city, county, and local government have experienced elevated infrastructure costs, obsolescence of current systems, soaring implementation and maintenance expenses, and dropping technical expertise for different enterprise frameworks.

Addressing these challenges is Advanced Enterprise Systems Corporation’s (AESC) flagship product, Utility Cloud—a customizable operations management system that streamlines the collection of data for visualization and analysis, so business decisions may be made more effectively and efficiently to optimize industry-specific operational activities.

“We offer a cloud-based platform that can be supported by any device with a modern web browser,” says Mark Moreau, Chairman and CEO of AESC and the lead architect of Utility Cloud. “Utility Cloud’s Bring- Your-Own-Device (BYOD) solution enables organizations to save money and improve productivity by leveraging existing computers, hardware, and devices.” The Utility Cloud platform incorporates a unique asset data and mapping architecture that allows users to easily create, update, and access asset information using Geographic Information System (GIS) data, tabular data, or by creating and mapping assets in real-time from the field. This keeps databases up-to-date at all times.

Another attribute of the platform is that it enables companies of any size to continuously optimize and customize how they see the intrinsic details of their resources and processes. “Through an intuitive interface, Utility Cloud helps users easily assign and manage scheduled and unscheduled work on specific assets or entire classes of assets, bringing visibility and transparency back into the company’s operations management functions,” says Moreau.Utility Cloud also offers customizable reports using tools that are already industry standard, like Excel and Google Sheets, so no additional costs are accrued for new software and users do not need to invest time and resources into learning a new platform.
The Utility Cloud solution has been successfully implemented in various sectors across the country. A particularly comprehensive example involved the mass clean-up of more than 40,000 storm water basins in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. AESC was contracted by the Boston Water Sewer Commission to implement the Utility Cloud solution, which was leveraged to manage more than a year’s worth of cleanup and repairs performed by contractors on an agreement basis. The Utility Cloud platform streamlined and expedited the project by supporting quality assurance, information flow, and accountability of the contractors. With Utility Cloud, the Commission was able to assign work appropriately and the information obtained from the worksites was collected into a single repository. This allowed for the performance of quality checks with GIS data and the implementation of automations in order to improve the entire process.

Utility Cloud is a customizable operations management system, using latest cloudbased technologies to streamline the collection of data for visualization and analysis

With the increased demand for high-performing asset management systems across industries, Utility Cloud aims to set the standard for streamlined data collection and analysis with low upfront costs and deployment time. “We intend to change the face of asset management software by delivering real-time data from more sources and capturing asset management knowledge that can be built upon,” says Moreau. “Our vision is to help companies achieve true innovation and progress in how they manage their assets through a cloud-based system that is easy, accessible, and intuitive.”

Utility Cloud

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