UY Systems: .NET Platform that Turns Vision into a Tangible Solution

Farhana A. Rahman, CEO
The .NET platform is designed not only to deliver more robust and feature laden solutions in new and improved ways, it also addresses the challenges that developers and end-users, especially corporate customers, have long faced. “The .NET applications are not dependant on Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) that are or may be shared between solutions,” says Farhana A. Rahman, CEO, UY Systems Ltd. “It avoids the DLL Hell; the complications that arise when working with DLL are common to Windows solutions today,” adds Farhana. Undoubtedly, .NET has enabled organizations to deploy different versions of the same solution. From the developer’s perspective, the versioning of assemblies makes it easier to support solutions, while the end-user can gain the opportunity to test a new version, continuing to run the existing, tried-and-true solution.

On the corporate side, the IT departments are able to set security policies for each assembly, tailoring security to corporate policies. Emphasizing on the advantage of .NET, Farhana says, “.NET facilitates stable applications in the common language runtime that eradicates the memory issues such as access violations, which often make producing stable software a challenge.” Headquartered in Mohakhali Dhaka, UY Systems Ltd. provides a .NET platform for coding service, custom online application, software development, responsive design, and mobile application android and iOS development. UY Systems Ltd. has developed a number of software products that have a high-end functionality.Using .NETtechnology, the company has developed industrial human resource and payroll system including attendance and leave process, point of sales software for retailers. “We have also developed point of sale management software for international market based in UK,” illustrates Farhana.

Apart from providing the services to the core of .NET platform, the UY Systems renders its services to impact the society as well.

.NET facilitatesstable applications in the common language runtime that eradicates the memory issues

The company aims to reduce the sufferings of people as well as helping doctors and healthcare providers in South Asia. Following the mission, UY Systems created a total healthcare solution portal and health care management center—Health Prior 21, which allows easy access to comprehensive information on healthcare initiatives around the world in order to make informed choices.

Through the experience gained from working with the firms all over the world, UY Systems has been able to assist their clients in successfully developing websites, e-commerce, or blogs. “But even after writing whole code and deploying logic to clients’ servers, there is a high risk for developer companies, which may result in space and processor loss,” informs Farhana. To reduce this and take advantages of development, UY Systems has built a platform that helps in understanding current development procedure. In conventional development procedure, the company follows the three steps—design, development, and quality control. “Implementing such a procedure is helpful to develop dynamic websites and ecommerce with less work and skill set in a short time,” says Farhana.

UY Systems is enthusiastic for expanding their core competency in the .NET platform to aid organizations in growing their range of capabilities and gain competitive edge over the direct competitors. “We are currently working on new software, Web Parlour, which will simplify the process of website designing and setting up e-commerce platforms and blogging,” concludes Farhana.

UY Systems

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Farhana A. Rahman, CEO

Provides a .NET Platform for coding service, custom online application,software development, responsive design, and mobile application