V2COM: A Complete Suite of Smart Grid Solutions Driving Better ROI

Guilherme Spina, Director
Ever since the adoption of smart meters has grown, organizations are coming up with metering solutions that serve the demands of the present and the future. Amidst the solutions, the demand to avoid losses while achieving improved operational efficiencies, managing resources efficiently at reduced costs has been in the forefront of most of the customers.

V2COM, a leading provider of Smart Grid technologies and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), has been addressing to the above demands continually by offering end to end hardware and software solutions that reduce losses and boosts efficiencies surrounding water and energy. Making use of the public cellular network connecting to almost a million metering devices, the Brazilian based firm automates the process of measuring utility consumption elements such as water, electricity and energy leading to higher operational efficiencies. This solution delivered by the firm has also resulted towards a significant 60 percent cost reduction for its customers who used the integrated solution by replacing their deployment teams.

V2COM finds great traction in the B2B, utility, and the public sector services space. In the words of Guilherme Spina, Managing Director, V2COM, “We strongly believe that the companies we serve in the B2B arena are very much interested in building security, automation, and other public sector solutions. There are a lot of efficiencies to be delivered to the clients around these verticals and that is where we come in.”
With wide spread implementations driving cost reductions, and greater returns on investments, V2COM have facilitated the change towards wider adoptions increasingly benefiting the public sector services that have a distributed network.

Addressing to some of the compliance challenges surrounding AMI, the firm through its AMI solution has facilitated an optimized development approach by making the solution comply to transformers, circuit breakers and various other platforms to name a few. This has overall contributed in significant cost reductions and has also accelerated time to market.

V2COM’s innovative solution, the intelligence ware suite has been the recent talk in the industry these days. This offering from the Smart grid system developer works efficiently combined with Oracle’s Java SE embedded technology to deliver a solution, that helps companies cut down on energy losses and also facilitates identification of attempted violations, fraud, and installation issues through improved remote monitoring and efficiently managing energy consumption.

Apart from establishing profitable revenue assessments and approach for its clients, V2COM has never deviated away in having that concern towards consumption of natural resources. The firm through its technologies and solutions creates a significant impact on the environment and avoids losses on critical natural resource. Going forward the firm looks to establish itself as a key player in the industry providing agile, and scalable solutions that can be customized to the varying demands of the energy market.


Sao Paulo, Brazil,

Guilherme Spina, Director

Offers complete solutions for the M2M market. Hardware, Software and Communication Networks, allied with integration and operation ability.