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CIO VendorSrini Muthuswamy, President & CEO
Salesforce, best known for its automation software and SaaS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products, has today evolved as a provider of Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions enabling business processes to enhance social enterprises and front office capabilities. However, many a times, implementing Salesforce can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive for businesses. “V3Biz Corp understands today’s growing demands and delivers top-notch Salesforce implementation services quickly and cost-effectively,” states Srini Muthuswamy, President & CEO, V3Biz Corporation.

He further elaborates that the rapid pace of technological growth has resulted in numerous automation products but with shorter life spans. “Our main challenge is to understand the real needs of the customers and architect a suitable solution without exceeding the budgets,” explains Muthuswamy. V3Biz Corp acts as a one-stop solution to fill the CRM gaps, while improving team productivity and customer satisfaction.

Quite often, the implementation of Salesforce can become complex when users’ CRM expectations go beyond the user-friendliness of the platform. “Furthermore, many companies implement it without evaluating their actual CRM requirements, thus leading to an idle investment,” notes Muthuswamy. Other key factors which impact the process include the sustainability of the implementation and customers’ willingness to adopt new technologies. As a long-term Salesforce partner, V3Biz Corp overcomes these obstacles with strong resources and technological understanding, which helps in fulfilling the client’s needs while also saving time and money.

V3Biz Corp seamlessly integrates all standalone applications with Salesforce and creates custom applications to improve effectiveness and efficiency, while integrating the Salesforce platform with Microsoft suites, Google apps, and IBM Notes. “Organizations need not go to multiple providers—we offer a single stop of complete solutions. Apart from Salesforce, we also offer integration of mobile, web, and cloud computing,” points out Muthuswamy.

V3Biz Corp has the ability to seamlessly integrate all standalone applications with the Salesforce platform

V3Biz Corp's ability to quickly adapt to changing CRM needs has provided clients with superior service and repeatable dependability. In a highlight on out-of-the-box CRM implementation, a healthcare client with around 30 Salesforce licenses approached V3Biz Corp to revamp their CRM process. The client’s in-house team was unable to integrate the technology into the system, resulting in underutilized investment. V3Biz Corp quickly analyzed and understood the CRM gaps that the client faced and prioritized the needs. “We provided different modules to fulfill the client’s CRM needs—the results were cost-efficient productivity and competent use of the license,” says Krishna Murthy, COO, V3Biz Corporation.

The company’s unique approach towards solving a problem, along with its strong technical team, makes V3Biz Corp stand apart from the competition. “Drawing the right human capital for the right job has always been a key challenge in technology. We provide highly skilled software consultants, who bring in expertise, effectiveness, and value for money,” affirms Murthy. V3Biz Corp’s core values are effective and efficient project management, and on-time project delivery. “We are in the business of value-generation and value-implementation. Our onshore-offshore delivery model leverages our global expertise and cross-company skills and culture. Our goal is to provide a robust and cost-effective solution to your business needs,” adds Murthy.

Going forward, the company aims to expand its marketing and development teams to become a market leader in Saleforce implementation with a strong focus on mobile technology and cloud computing. “Our main focus is on small and medium firms. We don’t talk to them about millions of dollars, rather we break it into smaller components and providing detailed analyses,” concludes Muthuswamy.


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Srini Muthuswamy, President & CEO

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