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Venkat Maddikayala, President and CEO
Aligning business strategies to enable an ecosystem in the corporate world to integrate “Technology, People, and Business” is vital for an organization’s success. With a mission to bridge the gap between business and technical knowledge, V3Main Technologies empowers organizations to make effective decisions that impact strategic goals. “We help clients grow their business tactically and strategically to be competitive, while keeping up with constant changes in modern technology,” states Venkat Maddikayala, President and CEO, V3Main. The company implements proven SOA best practices to tackle the need for more flexible architectures, composite application development, enterprise portal initiatives, and comprehensive integration capabilities. “We establish policies and procedures that cut across multiple departments and enforce security policies at the data service layer using tools that enable declarative policy definition,” says Maddikayala.

V3Main has a track record of delivering SOA integration solutions for large, medium, and small enterprises. With a team of highly experienced SOA specialists, V3Main executes best practices and makes recommendations that help clients leverage SOA-BPM to enhance business agility. From SOA assessment and envisioning to implementation and monitoring—of both Representational State Transfer (REST) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)— V3Main has the ability to address cross-domain business and integration needs. “We integrate the best, device independent solutions that span across various domains, enabling us to integrate modern applications with legacy applications through cloud computing, remote management services, DevOps, and Internet of Things (IoT),” remarks Maddikayala. This allows companies to effectively manage some of the biggest big data and business intelligence challenges that businesses face today.

“We deliver high value IT solutions to customers without stretching their budgets,” says Maddikayala. Through constant R&D, V3Main strives to provide the best possible IT solutions to its customers, while keeping pace with the latest technologies. Ingrained in their DNA are the principles of agile methodology—be it software development or project management. Furthermore, performing Proof of Concepts (POC) is second nature to Maddikayala’s team. Ranging from virtualization, BYOD, and application development to data security and IoT, V3Main has numerous POCs.
This technological prowess has seen V3Main’s services being highly valued in financial, oil and gas, healthcare, retail sectors and federal and state governments. On one occasion, V3Main implemented a security module using the latest RESTful services for healthcare client. “This application was re-architected using latest .Net MVC architecture to build a health monitoring system,” comments Maddikayala. Security was one of the major concerns since it had to adhere to HIPAA standards.

“We improved the security by implementing a module with various encryption and decryption algorithms to protect user authentication and authorization.” The security module was developed using the RESTful Web Service and ODATA protocol and was exposed through a standalone client API. This architecture enabled the client to open the door to any enterprise service with a need to integrate heterogeneous applications to communicate with standard JSON objects. “It also provided the ability to integrate with legacy applications in different format like SOAP XML web services,” he adds.

We deliver high value IT solutions to customers without stretching their budgets

Having built on the fundamentals of proven technologies and best practices, V3Main leverages the latest advancements like big data and IoT to automate processes and deliver better value to clients. “We see a lot of opportunity to deliver solutions using cloud technology and enterprise content management, especially in the mobile computing and business intelligence space using agile software development,” reveals Maddikayala. In addition to a number of POCs including implementation of enterprise data security using Vormetric and cloud computing solutions for federal and state government clients, V3Main will be expanding its operations in India and managed services to small, medium, and large enterprises.

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Venkat Maddikayala, President and CEO

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