VAI: Helping Manufacturers React To Competition

Information is critical to manufacturers — what products are selling, what materials are being bought, how and when goods are being produced, and the internal and external cost to accomplish. Managing sufficient material levels is one of the most critical and time-consuming aspects of manufacturing.

VAI's new feature will provide manufacturers and distributors with full visibility into inventory management to make better purchasing decisions

A number of manufacturers today bank on Long Island, NY-based VAI's flagship product S2K Enterprise Software. S2K Enterprise MRP application identifies the challenge of managing sufficient material levels, a critical and time-consuming aspect of manufacturing, and eliminates purchasing and scheduling problems to speed up the work process. This application analyzes the existing stock status of all raw materials and finished goods and enables companies to determine precisely when and how much material should be purchased or manufactured.

Having closely worked with manufacturers across the globe, VAI understands the pain points that its customers face. VAI knows that full visibility and insight into inventory is a huge competitive advantage for manufacturers. So earlier this month, VAI added new features to its flagship product that will provide manufacturers and distributors with full visibility into inventory management to make better purchasing decisions. Manufacturers can now determine how much inventory to have in their warehouse at any time and suggest how much of a particular item to buy. With the enhanced module, customers can package the user interface into one screen and perform the entire purchasing job from that one dashboard.

With VAI’s Enhanced Suggested Purchasing, our ‘out of stocks’ and ‘back orders’ have decreased significantly, which results in improved customer service and streamlined purchasing processes for our sales staff.
Bob Vormittag, President
This visibility ensures we have the right amount of supplies at the right time—saving us time and money,” says Dean Spicer, director of information services, Acme Tools, a one-stop shop for tools and equipments.

An IBM Premier Business Partner, VAI has a history of customer driven software development. Hundreds of customer suggested features are incorporated into VAI's family of software products each year. It is for this reason several mid-market manufacturers today turn to VAI's solutions. VAI's illustrious clientele of the company includes Dupont / Kordsa, Primex Plastics, Bowman Apple, ET Horn, BEGA USA, McClarin Plastics, Berje, Refrigiwear, Love & Quiche, Maple Leaf Farms, Widex USA, Speciality Products.

Steering VAI since its beginning in 1978 Bob Vormittag President & CEO has seen much of the industry's evolution. By providing an environment that encourages customer-focused technical and business innovation for its employees, VAI has shown the tenacity for staying relevant, delivering technology which enable business objectives and satisfying customers. This has helped the team at VAI to continually integrate new and emerging technologies into VAI's software offerings, helping customers compete in a very demanding global environment.

"At VAI, we see the internet as the future of Enterprise Computing," says Vormittag. Today, VAI's software is available through a browser providing the user with a single sign on of all web applications, which will simplify the user experience, increase productivity and minimize training costs. In addition, web based software provides mobile access enabling every user in the organization immediate anytime, anywhere computing. VAI continues to innovate with new solutions that leverage analytics, business intelligence, mobility and cloud technology to help customers make more informed business decisions in real-time and empower their mobile workforces.


Long Island, NY

Bob Vormittag, President

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